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標題: 鳳梨釋迦及冷子番荔枝莖頂組織培養之研究
Studies on Shoot tip Culture of Atemoya and Cherimoya in Vitro
作者: 蔡黃敏
TsaiHuang, Min
關鍵字: Custard;番荔枝;Shoot tip culture;莖頂培養
出版社: 園藝學系
,植入WPM添加1mg/l BA、0.1mg/l kinetin之固態培養基。冷子番荔枝則
需採用WPM添加0.3mg/ l zeatin之固態培養基進行初代培養,經培養30日
植體經初代培養後移至增殖培養基中培養,鳳梨釋迦以WPM添加2mg/l BA
及0.5mg/l NAA之培養基培養枝梢30日後可獲得增殖之枝梢。冷子番荔枝
則以MS添加0.5mg/l zeatin之培養基培養枝梢40日後可獲得增殖之枝梢。
鳳梨釋迦於發根前須經0.1mg/l BA及0.05mg/l kinetin之抽長培養方可獲
殖培養所長25mm之枝梢移入1/2MS含IBA 50mg/l、蔗糖20 g/l的1/2MS液態
培養基經暗期3日以及明期7日後,移至添加活性碳3 g/l之不含auxin固體

SummaryShoot tip culture of the atemoya and cherimoya in vitro
were carried out in this study, optimal micropropagation
conditions for culture establishment, shoot proliferation and
shoot rooting were investigated.Shoot tips were harvested about
5cm in length from actively field grown tree and shoot apices
were excised 0.2-0.3 mm for initial culture. The best growth of
atemoya was achieved when shoot tip cultured on solid medium
with Woody Plant Medium containing 1mg/l BA and o.1mg/l kinetin
,but 0.3mg/l zeatin was used in cherimoya for 30 days.These
explants transfered to the same component solid medium for
further growth.Multiple shoots of atemoya was induced by WPM
mediun containing 2mg/l BA and 0.5mg/l NAA for 30 days, but
0.5mg/l was used in cherimoya for 40 days. For elongation of
these shoots, WPM medium supple-mented with 0.1mg/l BA and
0.05mg/l kinetin gave a good response.While in cherimoya, the
elongation phase was not required. For the rooting, when 20mm
shoots placed on liquid 1/2MS medium with 50mg/l IBA for 3 days
in the dark followed by 13 days light, and then transferred to
1/2MS medium plus 0.25﹪activated charcoal, solid with 0.8﹪
agar, the rooting percentage was not satisfied.
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