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標題: 多重大圓球面重建
Multiple Great Circles Full Sphere Reconstruction
作者: 羅志平
Lo, Chih-Ping
關鍵字: 球諧函數;spherical harmonics;單範正交;交點誤差方程式;最小平方法;三次元量床;球面重建技術;旋轉機構;編碼器;orthonormal;intersection error equation;least squares method;CMM;reconstruction of full sphere technology;rotary mechanism;encoder
出版社: 機械工程學系所
引用: [1]劉沛縈,真圓檢測誤差分離技術,國立中興大學機械工程學系碩士論文2010 [2]Donaldson R. A simple method for separating error from test ball roundness error Ann. CIRP1972;21. [3]Bryan J B,Clouser R W,Holland E. Spindle accuracy. American Machinist, 1967;4. [4]Eric R. Marsha, David A. Arneson b,Donald L. Martinc, A comparison of reversal and multi probe error separation, Precision Engineering 2010;34:85-91. [5]Cao Linxiang ,The measuring accuracy of the multistep method in the error separation technique, J. Phys. E:Sci. Instrum.1989;22;903-906. [6]Tau Jiubiu , QiaugXiru , DiugXueaisi , A Super precision Measuring Method and the Corresponding Measuring System for Error Movement of Instrument Spindles, 1991;3:2449-2454. [7]周佳嶙,球面干涉檢驗之研究,國立中興大學機械工程學系碩士論文2010 [8]N. Cho, J. Tu ,Roundness modeling of machined parts for tolerance Analysis, Precision Engineering.2001;25:35–47. [9]TohruKanada , Estimation of sphericity by means of statistical processing for roundness of spherical parts1997;117-122 [10]范光照、張郭益, 精密量測. 高立圖書有限公司2005 [11]黃梓輔,三探針真圓度量測軸誤差分離技術之研究,國立中興大學機械工程學系碩士論文2007

The purpose of this paper is to present a spherical reconstruction technique. It is to measure the multiple great circles and rebuild the original spherical. Using orthonormal characteristics of the spherical harmonic function in a specific order given its coefficient to simulate the great circle has eccentricity and radius inaccuracy closing to the real measurement. Derivation of the intersection of error equation and substituted into the intersection error of great circle. Then using least squares method to reconstruction spherical. Because generally roundness measurement can’t display three-dimensional morphology, this method is effective to use multiple great circles reconstructing the original spherical.
The experiment is divided into two parts; first is take advantage of the CMM measuring ball’s great circle. Using rotating mechanism rotating ball and cooperate with the encoder. Therefore, CMM can measure each angle of the great circle. Second, use CMM to measure whole surface of this ball. Finally, the experiment will compare and analysis the spherical reconstruction techniques with the whole surface, verifing the feasibility of this method.
其他識別: U0005-0708201214450000
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