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標題: 對有干擾之前饋式主動噪音控制的最佳可變步階演算法之推導與應用
Development and Application of Optimal Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithms in Feedforward Active Noise Control Subject to Disturbance
作者: 羅運達
Lo, Yun-Ta
關鍵字: 主動噪音控制;active noise control (ANC);不相關干擾;最佳步階;可變步階;uncorrelated disturbance;optimal step size;variable step size
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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在主動噪音控制系統應用中,適應性濾波器的權重更新會受到誤差麥克風量取到的不相關噪音影響,導致系統的消音性能下降。另外,現有的可變步階適應性演算法普遍存在步階函數之參數選取問題。若參數的選取不佳,控制系統的控制性能會大幅降低。然而,參數通常僅能倚靠經驗法則選取,因而降低了使用上的方便性。因此,本篇論文提出以最佳可變步階(Optimal Variable Step-Size, OVSS),搭配NFxLMS/CE_DC演算法做為有干擾之前饋式主動噪音控制演算法。此演算法步階函數之參數選取個數較少,使用上較為方便;且因干擾補償器的設計,而能在有干擾的情況下仍能有良好的性能。與既有方法的電腦模擬比較結果可知,應用本文方法在主動噪音控制系統中,有較好的消音性能與強健性。

In the application of active noise control (ANC) system, weights update of an adaptive filter will affected by disturbance picked up by the error microphone, leading to the degradation of system performance. In addition, the existing adaptive Variable Step-Size(VSS) algorithms usually have commonly issue in selection of Step-Size function parameters. If the parameter selection is poor, the control performance of the control system will be substantially reduced. However, the selections of parameters are usually only rely on the rule of thumb, leading to the use of the inconvenience. Therefore, this paper proposed Optimal Variable Step-Size (OVSS) with NFxLMS/CE_DC Algorithms to the control algorithms, which reducing the number of algorithm parameters selection, more convenient to use; because of the design of Disturbance Compensator(DC), further enhance the adaptability of the system on the main noise source. Computer simulation shows that the proposed method has better performance and robustness as compared to that of existing methods.
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