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標題: 批發市場對蔬菜價格訊息反應之研究
A Study on Response of Prices Information about Vegetables in Wholesale Markets
作者: 葉春淵
Yeh, Chuen-Iuan
關鍵字: Response of Information;訊息反應;Errorcorrection Model;Recursive Least Square;誤差修正模型;遞迴最小平方法
出版社: 農業經濟學系
菜為主要研究對象。茲將本文重要研究結果摘要如下: 1.經由計量模型
實証的結果得知,在以中文電傳視訊報導行情的前後 ,各果菜批發市場
對資訊的反應程度有明顯地差異。 2.以供給彈性和調整係數為比較依據
。 4.由遞迴最小平方法、Cusum-test及Cusum-square test 的檢定結果
,可知各菜種調整速度的改變和行情報導方式的改革有直接關係。 5.比

In order to modermize the agricultural marketing system , and
for giving a guidance of marketing policy to develop the
function of orderly marketing, the government has esti- mated
the " system of marketing information ". The system of Chinese
televideo has been overall practised since July,1987 to improve
for the efficiency and correctness of reporting marketing
information.The primary objective of this research is to
analysethe effect of the enhance the operation of mar- ket
information of agricultural products based on the aspect of the
price level is the composite expression of informa- tion under
an errorcorrection model setting. Primary findings from
empirical results are as follows : 1.Empirical results
confirmed that the degrees of response of market to the
information prior and after the operation of the system of
Chinese televideo are quite different. 2.From the comparison
based on the elasticities of supply and the coefficients of
adjustment , we can see that after the operation of Chinese
televideo,the speed of adjustment of decision seemed to be more
rapidly. 3.It has been noexistent for decision maker's seasonal
res- ponse to information after the system of Chinese televideo
be used. 4.The results of test with recursive least square,
Cusum-test and Cusum-square test suggest that the change of the
speed of adjustment had direct relationship with the innovation
of the system of marketing information report. 5.Comparing the
response to marketing information of the terminal markets of
different marketing stages,it can be known that wholesale
markets in consumption area react less rapidly than the
production area.
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