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標題: 四種有機成分介質理化性變化及對盆栽植物的影響
Chang of the physical and chemical properties in four organic media and its influence to potting plants
作者: 曾明寶
Tseng, Ming-Pao
關鍵字: peat moss;泥炭土;golden mushroom compost;sugarcane compost;rice straw compost;金針菇堆肥;蔗渣堆肥;稻桿堆肥
出版社: 園藝學系
四種有機介質中稻草堆肥,極有效水分含量(0 ~ 10KPa 壓力之間的含水
量差值)最高為0.08 g/ml。泥炭土、蔗渣堆 肥、金針菇堆肥三種介質
添加比例超過50% V/V時則極有效水分含量減少。以25%V/V的添加比例增
度減少、pH值降低、EC值增加、CEC值增加、C/N 比減少。介質個別型態

Rice straw compost had the highest easily available water (0.08
g/ml), the water content difference goes between 0 and 10
kPa) in four media tested. Water contents of the other three
media (peat moss, sugarcane compost, and golden mushroom
compost) were closed to each other. Mixing with sand increased
EAW in all four media, but EAW decreased if the sand portion
would be over 50% V/V. The most efficient EAW increase was made
by 25% V/V sand mix. Water contents in the media increased
slightly with the time after planting.Buld density, CEC, and EC
increased with the time after planting, while TP, AFP, pH, and
C/N ratio were decreased on the other way. There were different
characteristics for every medium, the correlation between
characters were not found for all media, although some
correlation were found for individual medium. Three media made
from agricultural waste had higher mineral contents than peat
moss. High manganese was found in golden mushroom compost, which
was the cause of iron deficiency. There was no difference on
growth of either Philodendron or Diffenbachia by four media.
Four media were reused for growing Begonia after 6 month of
Diffenbachia pot growing. Begoniain sugarcane compost had
higher plants as well as more dry and fresh weight either for
shoot or for root.
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