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標題: 文心蘭切花去除花藥蓋對瓶插品質影響之研究
Studies on Handling Quality of Pollinia de-capped of Cut Oncidium.
作者: 宋崇榮
Sung, Chung-Jung
關鍵字: Oncidium;文心蘭;cut flower;qollinia cap;quality;切花;花藥蓋;品質
出版社: 園藝學系
會造成切花品質的下降及瓶插壽命的縮短。 第3日重切處理有助於文
sTS 2mM預措文心蘭切花,可以使文心蘭切花增加鮮重,有效改善切花的
切花sts2mM 及去離子水預措文心蘭花藥蓋去除30%之切花,並配合不同
濃度蔗糖組合,發現STS 2mM配合6%蔗糖組合保鮮效果最好,而去離子水

The postharvest oncidium cut flowers were investigated their
onset of senescence and the physiological changes after pollinia
de-capped from the florets. From the studies we approached
possible treatments for better quality and vase life of the cut
After pollinia de-capped and during their scenescent course,
high concentration of ethylene was produced by the florets. The
more serious the pollinia de-capped rate, the more ethylene was
produced and so as respiration rate.the ethylene peak. During
senescence, both pollinia de-capped florets and intact florets
were detected increased electrolytes leakage rates;while in the
latter this phenomenon appeared 2∼3 days later than the former.
In the cut flowers with different percentages of pollinia de-
capped florets, they showed similar electrolytes leakage rate in
them. The pollinia de-capped resulted in lower quality of the
cut flowers and shorten vase life.
Recut treatment at the third postharvest day enhance the
qualities of oncidium cut flowers in various events: the water
uptake、better water balance and prolonged performance duration.
Though the same treatment did not show apparent positive effect
on the vase life of the cut flowers。
Pretreatment with 2mM STS in oncidium cut flowers increased
their fresh weights, improved their water uptake and appreciated
the value. However, its effect on enhancing the vase life was
not evident and deserved to have further studies.
Pulse treatment with 2mM STS and deion water respectively in the
group of oncidium cut flowers with 30% pollinia de-capped
florets, and followed by various concentrations of sucrose
solution, the data indicated that the 2mM STS and 6% sucrose
solution and the deion water and 4% sucrous solution gained the
best results in fresh retension.
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