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標題: 唐菖蒲球莖微體繁殖與馴化之研究
Studies on Micropropagation and Acclimatization of Gladiolus hybrids Hort.
作者: 陳美滿
Chen, Mei-Man
關鍵字: Gladiolus;唐菖蒲;Micropsopagation;Acclimatization;微體繁殖;馴化
出版社: 園藝學系
本試驗採用唐菖蒲(Gladiolus hybridus Hort.)二十三個栽培品種
的四號開花球 為試驗材料,切取含1-2片葉原體的主芽及側芽莖頂為培植
體(0.125-0.30mm)。 培植體培養於 NAA與BA不同濃度組合的MS培養基,
若培養基中添加 NAA,培植體芽體的分化較少,而培養基中只添加BA的處
理,則芽體增殖數較多。MS培養基中四種不同濃度BA , 以''Pink Lady''
合組織。 ''Friendship''於液體培養與固體培養,芽體的增殖率相似,
但液體培養鮮重較重,尤其125 ml 的培養容器其鮮重增加量較50 ml培養
及液態培養略高,但鮮重增加量較液體培養少。 培植體於誘導發根期
,以半量MS培養基中添加活性碳3 g/l 、 NAA 0.5 mg/l,可促進根系的
RH 85%)、溫度為25/20℃(日/夜溫)的環境,而後再漸進降低濕度及提高
光照,可提高其存活率。 小球莖的生長與發育受移植前培養基成份及
移植後的栽培管理所影響。瓶苗於誘導發根期,於培養基中添加 NAA0.5
mg/l、活 性碳3 g/l及蔗糖30g/l,可使瓶苗生長勢強且累積較多的同化
產物,移植於適當的溫度(25/20℃)、完善的水分及施肥管理 ,可提高瓶

This study was made by using twenty-two Gladiolus hybridus
Hort. cultivars from which the buds and axillary buds of No.4
flower corms were taken as theexplants(0.125-0.30mm),each having
one or two leafprimordia of the shoot tip.The explants were
cultured in MS basal media to which the different conce-ntration
of NAA and BA are added. As a result, the multiplication inthe
MS medium with only supplement BA more than that with both
supplementBA and NAA,and ''Pink Lady''has the greatest
proliferation rate. In general,the explantsproduce the stunt
shoots or calli increasingly in proportionto the increaseof the
BA concentration. The proliferation rate of ''Friendship''
in the liquid culture and that in the solid culture were
similar. But the fresh weight of shoots in the liquidculture
would raise more significantly; moreover, the growth in the 125
ml culture vessels was more observant than that in the 50 ml
culture vessels.The double phase culture could improve the
vitrification cultured in theliquid culture , and increase the
multiplication of shoot far more than theliquid or solid culture
could, though the fresh weight of shoot in it was lighter
than that in the liquid culture. During the period when it''s
time to induce the roots of the explants,if the activated
charoal 3 g/l and NAA 0.5 mg/l we are added to the 1/2 MS basal
medium, it would help the development of the root system,
and enhance the survival rate after the transplant. And if
the sucrose concentration was raised higher in the medium
then, the root length of the plantlets, number of root ,fresh
weight, dry weight,and survival rate after transplanting will
increase. What''s more, after transplanting, the best
environment for Gladiolus plantlets to survive was in
high relative humidity (RH 85%) and 25/20℃ (day/night)
temperature. The development of cormlet
was influenced by the ingredients of the ofthe medium and
the culture after transplant. To help the plantlet
growstronger and stimate more carbohydrates, the 1/2 MS medium
should be supp-lemented with NAA 0.5mg/l, activated charoal
3g/l, and sucrose 30 g/l. After transplanting, in order to
enhance the survival rate of the plantlet, andenlarge the fresh
weight and the diameter of the cormlets, proper
temperature(25/20℃), fertilization, and water in proper
amount were indispensable.
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