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標題: 霧台柿莖頂組織培養之研究
Studies on Shoot Tip Culture of Wutai Persimmon (Diospyros japonica Sieb. et Zucc.) in Vitro
作者: 黃慧美
Hwang, Hui-May
關鍵字: Wutai persimmon;霧台柿;Shoot tip culture;莖頂培養
出版社: 園藝學系
本研究採用臺灣主要栽培柿之砧木種類-霧台柿(Diospyros japonica
Sieb. et Zucc.)為試驗材料,探討培養基組成及培養方法對莖頂生長點
盛期,採取長約 5cm頂部,切取約0.2-0.3 mm大小帶 2片葉原體的生長點
,植入1/2 MS添加 1 mg/l zeatin、30 g/l sucrose 及 7 g/l agar之固
態培養基進行初代培養,1 日暗處理後再經 29 日持續培養,而後移植於
代培養後移至增殖培養基中培養,以MS添加BA或2ip 5 mg/l或10 mg/l 或
zeatin 1 mg/l 及 sucrose 30 g/l 、agar 7 g/l之培養基培養枝梢 40
日後可獲得增殖之枝梢,當增殖倍數低時,可利用添加zeatin 1 mg/l 之
插於含IBA 10 mg/l,sucrose 30 g/l 及agar 6 g/l之1/2 MS培養基中暗
處理培養7 日後,移至auxin-free之培養基培養23日,可獲得發根小苗。
帶根小苗經 2週健化處理後,於混合peatmoss與perlite 之介質中持續生
長,約經 5個月後,成為根系、枝梢發育健全之植株。

Shoot tip culture of the Wutai persimmon (Diospyros japonica
Sieb. et Zucc.)was studied, optimal micropropagation conditions
for culture establishment, sh-oot proliferation, shoot rooting
and acclimatization were investigated. Shoottips were harvested
about 5cm in length from actively field grown trees and sh-oot
apices were excised 0.2- 0.3 mm for initial culture. The best
grown were achieved when shoot apices cultured on solid medium
with 1/2 strength of Mura-shige and Skoog (MS)containing zeatin
1 mg/l,sucrose 30 g/l and agar 7 g/l andincubated in darkness
for 1 days, then incubated in lightness for 29 days. Th-ese
explants were transfered to the same component solid medium for
further gr-owth. Multiple shoots were induced by MS medium
cotaining sucrose 30 g/l and agar 7g/l plus BA 5 mg/l, 10 mg/l
or 2ip 5 mg/l,10 mg/l or zeatin 1 mg/l for 40 days.By using
double-phase medium culture, the multiplication rate of expla-nt
could be increased. For rooting, the shoots grew above 20mm in
height, we-re placed on 1/2 MS medium with IBA 10 mg/l, sucrose
30 g/l and agar 6 g/l andincubated in darknessfor 7 days, then
transplanted to an auxin-free 1/2 MS me-dium for 23 days. Rooted
plantlets were gradually acclimatized during two wee-ks, and
planted inplastic baskets filled with peatmoss and perlite. The
plant-lets became healthy and developed vigorous roots after
five months.
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