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標題: 攝影機垂直度校正
Calibration of camera perpendicularity
作者: 陳建霖
Chen, Jian-Lin
關鍵字: 攝影機垂直度校正;Calibration of camera perpendicularity;三次元座標量測儀;非共平面攝影機校正;最小平方誤差法;蒙地卡羅法;Zhang校正;coordinate measuring machine;Non-coplanar camera calibration;The least square error method;Monte-Carlo;Zhang’s Camera Calibration method
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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Automated optical inspection in the major industry plays an important role, this study was to investigate the camera perpendicularity calibration, the calibration camera perpendicular to the conveyor platform. Proposed algorithm in the camera coordinate system relative to the circumstances of the world coordinate system two standard Department is not moving, he use of non-coplanar manner to drive the translation of the coordinate measuring machine to move the camera to the camera optical axis direction, to retrieve more than sheets parallel to the calibration board information.Using the least square error method to solve the camera internal and external parameters, calculate the deviation of the camera relative to the calibration board angle, and then adjust to the perpendicularity.
Camera calibration uncertainty of Monte Carlo simulation to compare the non-plane camera calibration and Zhang calibration uncertainty analysis, camera calibration error analysis may be in the actual measurement factors. The ultimate aim of the camera to adjust to the perpendicular calibration board. Solve the problem of automatic optical inspection camera perpendicularity.
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