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標題: 消費者網路購買商品之接受性--交易成本理論之應用
Consumer''s Acceptance of Purchasing Through Internet--An Application of the Transaction Cost Theory
作者: 黃啟瑞
Huang, Chi-Jui
關鍵字: e-shop;網路購物;transaction cost;uncertainty;assets particularity;lisrel;search goods;credence goods;experience goods;交易成本;不確定性;資產特殊性;線性結構關係模式;搜尋財;信賴財;經驗財
出版社: 應用經濟學研究所
本研究擬從經濟學之交易成本理論觀點探討當前消費者之網路購物行為,藉由衡量消費者在網路購買不同類型財貨之交易成本,及交易成本與網路購買接受性之關聯實證,評估適合上網販售之商品性質。研究中將購物程序依交易成本理論分成七階段,並依據經濟學觀點將商品區分為搜尋財、信賴財與經驗財三類,並分別選擇兩項代表商品,搜尋財為花卉與書籍雜誌;信賴財為保險與健康食品;經驗財為食品與旅遊服務。利用大台北地區165位網路使用者之問卷調查蒐集之初級資料,採用線性結構關係 (LISREL) 模式實證交易成本理論中交易成本、不確定性與資產特殊性對網路使用者透過網路購買各財貨之接受性的關聯。
根據實證獲得之結論如下:(1) 交易成本、不確定性與資產特殊性會影響消費者網路購物的接受性;(2) 網路購物的交易成本較一般傳統商店/賣場低;不確定性與資產特殊性越高,交易成本將越高,越不願意透過網路購物;(3) 消費者在網路購買搜尋屬性商品的接受性較不受交易成本、不確定性及資產特殊性的影響;(4) 消費者在網路購買信賴屬性商品的接受性受不確定性的影響;(5) 消費者在網路購買經驗屬性商品的接受性受交易成本及資產特殊性的影響。建議網路商應針對不同屬性商品分別調整銷售策略。

This research plans to probe into the behavior of shopping at network of present consumers from the transaction cost theory view of economics, by measuring the transaction costs of the consumers purchased different kinds of goods in the network, and empirical the relation that transaction cost and the acceptance of e-shop, assess the suitable goods quality quality that surfs the Net and sells.
The procedure will divide into seven stages in accordance with the theory of the transaction cost to do shopping while studying, and according as the economics to divide goods into 3 separately type: search goods , and experience goods, choosed two items to represent goods separately: the search goods as the flowers and books & magazine; the credence goods as insurance and healthy food; the experience goods as food and tourist service. Elementary materials utilizing questionnaire investigation of 165 network users in Taipei to collect, and adopt the LISREL to empirical the relationship of the acceptance and the transaction cost, uncertainty and assets particularity of the transaction cost theory of all goods to the network user through the network.
The conclusion is as follows:
(1) Transaction cost , uncertainty and assets particularity will influence the acceptance of consumer''s shopping at network;
(2) The transaction cost of shopping at network is lower than that of the general traditional shop / the sales field; The higher uncertainty and assets particularity are, the higher the transaction cost will be, and the higher unwilling purchasing at network of consumers;
(3) The acceptance of consumers purchasing search goods at network was less influenced by transaction cost, uncertainty and assets particularity;
(4) The acceptance of consumers purchasing credence goods at network was less influenced by uncertainty in the network;
(5) The acceptance of consumers purchasing credence goods at network was less influenced by transaction cost and assets particularity.
Advise the network provider to adjust the sales tactics separately to different attribute goods.
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