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標題: 博物館遊客滿意評量之研究─以台中縣立港區藝術中心為例
A Museum Study of the Consumer Satisfaction -A Case Study of Taichung County Seaport Art Center
作者: 張惠婷
關鍵字: 服務品質;PZB服務品質量表(SERVQUAL);顧客滿意度;線性結構關係模式(LISREL)
出版社: 應用經濟學研究所
1. 在「參觀前的期望」之遊客滿意評量項目中,遊客最重視「整體環境乾淨舒適」、其次為「藝文展覽活動具有教育性」、與「戶外休閒綠地賞心悅目」三個項目,也表示遊客心目中最期望港區藝術中心能夠提供的服務項目。
2. 在「參觀後的實際感受」之遊客滿意評量項目中,「有形性」指標
3. 在「不一致」之遊客滿意評量項目中,以「利益性」指標中的「聯
4. 本研究利用線性結構關係模式(LISREL模式),進行港區藝術中
心遊客滿意之評量,在最終的驗證模式中發現:(1) H2成立:「參觀前的期望」對「不一致」有顯著的負向影響。(2) H4成立:「參觀前的期望」對「遊客滿意度」有顯著的正向影響。(3) H5成立:「不一致」對「遊客滿意度」有顯著的正向影響。(4) H7成立:「遊客滿意度」對「遊客忠誠度」有顯著的正向影響。

Taichung county seaport art center, it face the truth is that the expenses and the resources are not enough. In this study, the survey is collected from the customers who visited the Taichung county seaport art center. The objectives of this thesis are to find out the factors that affect the costomers'' satisfaction, in order to propose some suggestions for the manager.
The major findings are as follow:
1.The results indicated that the services offered (environment,activities, and outdoor grasslands) in Taichung county seaport art center were capable of providing customer expectation.
2.For the evaluation indicators of performance perceptions, “concrete” is the most appropriate than others.
3.In the disconfirmation evaluation indicators, most of evaluation factors are negative. The results suggest that the Taichung county seaport art center''s operators should improve these factors to reduce the lags between customers'' expectations and performance perceptions.
4.This thesis used LISREL model to examine the customer satisfaction towards the Taichung county seaport art center. There were only four evaluate dimensions(customer expectation, disconfirmation, customer satisfaction,and customer loyalty) left in the final LISREL model. The study indicated that:(1)H2:Customer expectation negatively affected disconfirmation. (2)H4:
Customer expectation positively affected customer satisfaction. (3)H5:
Disconfirmation positively affected customer satisfaction.(4)H7:Customer expectation positively affected customer loyalty.
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