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標題: 農業組織使用農業資訊系統之因素分析-以農業產銷班為例
The Factor Analysis of the Use of Agricultural Information System by Agricultural Organizations- a Case Study: Agricultural Production-Marketing Groups
作者: 林宜幸
關鍵字: 產銷班;資訊系統;因素分析;集群分析;區別分析;多變量統計分析
出版社: 應用經濟學研究所

The Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan indicated that Taiwan already had totally 6747 Agricultural Production — Marketing Groups at the end of December 2000. However, only 305 of the groups had been given the training of “Business Management System” in 2001: 194 groups of them purchasing the computers paid by the government subsidy, and the others paid by themselves. Below 1% Production — Marketing Groups computerized their processes. It indicates that the office computerization in Production — Marketing Groups in Taiwan is very low. Thus this thesis adopts the statistical methods with multivariate analysis, including factor analysis, cluster analysis, and discrimination analysis to empirically investigate the factors which the Production — Marketing Groups are willing to employ the “Business Management System”.
The results obtained in this thesis are as follows:
The results acquired through the factor analysis and cluster analysis show that in an organization, the more thorough the operation of the organic direction organization is, the more suitable for performing the “Business Management System” it is. The factors that the Production — Marketing Groups decide to perform the “Business Management System” are “a good plan for the organization manpower”, “a good plan for the long-term approaches managing the organization”, “a good plan for the organization operation”, and “a good plan for the organization resource integration”. In addition, the results derived from the discrimination analysis demonstrate that the factors which lead to the Marketing Groups willing to use the “Business Management System” are “whether the computer system is connected to internet”, “the frequency of meeting”, “the size Production — Marketing Group”, “whether they would like to spread their data”, and “whether the government provides the financial support for purchasing the computer equipment”. Among them, “whether the computer system is connected to internet” is the principle factor that the Marketing Groups decide to use the “Business Management System”.
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