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標題: GA3及Fulmet在葡萄無子化之利用
Application of GA3 and Fulmet on the Seedlessness of Grape
作者: 曾建興
Tseng, Chien-Hsing
關鍵字: Grape;葡萄;Seedlessness;GA3;Fulmet;無子化
出版社: 園藝學系
本研究係探討GA3及Fulmet 外加處理對葡萄無子化及無子果實發育之
影響,利用不同濃度GA3添加5ppm 的Fulmet 於開花日時進行花穗浸漬處
理,以誘導無子化,並於花後10日以GA3 20ppm添加5ppm的Fulmet 進行果
穗浸漬處理,以促進果實肥大,探討利用於巨峰(Vitis vinifera L.×
Vitis labruscana Bailey)及Pione (Vitis vinifera L.×Vitis
labrusca L.)葡萄夏果及冬果無子化之可行性。 由試驗結果發現,巨
增加而增加,巨峰品種夏果及冬果皆以GA3 50ppm處理之無子率最高,可
形嚴重,夏果及冬果分別以GA3 6.25ppm及GA3 12.5ppm處理之果粒肥大情

The effect of treating with GA3 and Fulmet on seedlessness and
berry growth of Kyoho (Vitis vinifera L.Vitis labruscana
Bailey) and Pione (Vitis vinifera L.Vitis labrusca L.)
grapevines was investigated in this study. The inflorescence
were dipped with various concentrations of GA3 and 5ppm Fulmet
in the bloom stage to induce seedless berries and treated with
20ppm GA3 added 5ppm Fulmet on the 10th day after bloom to
enlarge the berries. Seedlessness of Kyoho and Pione berries
could be induced by treating with GA3 in the bloom stage. And
the percentage of seedlessness was increased accompanying with
the increase of treatment concentration. Summer and winter
fruits of Kyoho treated with 50ppm GA3 showed the maximum
seedless percentage which reached over 90%. By this treatment,
the enlargement of seedless berries was also better and the size
of seedless berries were not different from the control of
seeded berries. Seedlessness of Pione could be induced about 90%
by treatment with high GA3 concentration, but could also result
in hardness of pedicel. Summer fruit treated with 6.25ppm GA3
and winter fruit treated with 12.5ppm GA3 appeared better in
enlargement and even the seedless berries were larger than the
seeded berries. By observing the fruit microtome via microscope,
it was found that GA3 plus Fulmet treatment could enhance more
cell layers of pulp. However, the cell sizes were smaller than
the control. Using GA3 treatment to induce seedless grapes could
make it harvest a week earlier. Additionally, the color set,
firmness, total soluble solids and acidity performed no
significant differences between seedless and control seeded
berries. Seedless berries could still keep the standard of high
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