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標題: 台灣金融控股公司的成本與利潤效率之分析
An Analysis on the Cost and Profit Efficiency of the Financial Holding Companies in Taiwan
作者: 鍾朝偉
Chung, Chile-Weil
關鍵字: FHC;金融控股公司;DEA;Malmquist Index;資料包絡分析法;Malmquist 生產力指數
出版社: 應用經濟學研究所
本研究以九十一年的第一季到第三季的財報資料來研究並說明台灣地區金融控股公司之規模經濟與成本和利潤的效率問題,實證模型乃採用Translog 成本函數,並根據所選取的變數,採用揉和橫剖面和時間序列資料(pooling of cross-series data) 進行實證分析以作為金控公司在日後競爭能力與經營效率時的參考。研究結果發現,若是資產規模愈大,則總成本會愈來愈低,成本和利潤的效率會愈來愈高。在規模經濟與範疇經濟方面,正如所預期這些金控公司在產出隨長期平均成本擴充而增加。因此若資產姑規模擴增與經營的業務項目多元化將使經營成本降低,獲得範疇經濟的利益,利潤亦會增加。總而言之,此篇研究希望對銀行管理者、改革者和投資人提供有用的資訊來鼓勵金控公司可以擴充資本規模、增加業務項目、創新金融產品等方式擴大經營的規模以提升效率。

Using a pooling of cross and time-series data from the first quarter of 2002 to the third quarter of 2002, this study adopts translog specification of stochastic frontier approach to analyze the cost efficiencies, scale efficiencies and scope efficiencies of the Financial Holding Companies (FHCs) in the Taiwan banking industry. The study finds that the larger the asset size of FHC the lower the total cost and the higher the cost efficiency and profit efficiency. Complying with our a-priori expectation, the result shows that the FHCs have advantages on both scale efficiencies and scope efficiencies relative to their peer groups. This evidence suggests that the FHCs in Taiwan can attain growth through expanding their operating scales, business scopes and innovating products. Overall, this study provides useful information to bank management, regulators and investors.
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