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標題: 德基水庫集水區第四期整體治理規劃之經濟評估
Economic Evaluation of the Fourth Integrated Management Planning for the Techi Reservoir Watershed
作者: 周含琦
Chou, Han-chi
關鍵字: benefit-cost analysis;益本分析;economic evaluation;Techi reservoir watershed;經濟評估;德基水庫
出版社: 農業經濟學系
1. 該治理計劃之可計效益分為增加發電效益、水庫壽命延長效益、水質 改善效益、減少農地生產力下降損失之效益、農營農用材費用節省之效 益等五項。經本文估計各年計效益值為2,326千元、19,413千元、 58,220千元、3,347千元、75,158千元,合計共158,465千元。
2. 年計成本包括工程建造費、操作管理維修費、期中換新工程費共計 103,239.3千元。經計算結果得到益本比1.54、淨現值55,225.96千元、 投資報酬率0.08。各項指標顯示皆符合經濟效率準則,表示該計劃合乎 經濟可行性。
3. 該治理計劃尚有其他重要機能本文未能加以估算。若能將未加以估算 之效益予以量化,則計劃之總效益及益本比應會較僅考慮可計效益之結 果來得更高。

This paper evaluated the benefits of the fourth Integrated Management Planning for the Techi Reservoir Watershed to measure if the planning correspond to the economic criteria. We separate the benefits into economic and uneconomic ones. Uneconomic benefits result from social political, environmental, natural ecological, and cultural factors. And then because of the degree of difficulty for quantification, we separate the economic benefits from tangible and intangible ones.
In the later researches, we concluded that:
1. The tangible benefits of the planning involve these: generating more electric power, increasing the life of the Techi Reservoir, improvement of the water quality, reduce the loss of the production of the farmland, saving the expense of farm operation. We estimate each value of benefits in turn is:2,326 thousand dollars, 19,413 thousand dollars, 58,220 thousand dollars, 3,347 thousand dollars, 75,158 thousand dollars. The total value is 158,465 thousand dollars.
2.The outcome of the analysis: benefit-cost ratio equals to 1.54, net benefit is 55,225.96 thousand dollars, rate of return is 0.08. Each criteria show that the planning correspond to the economic efficiency.
3.The management planning still has other important function we did''t estimate. If we can quantify those intangible benefits, the total benefit and the benefit-cost ratio will be higher than now.
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