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標題: 嫁接絲瓜與南瓜砧木對''碧華''與''粉青''苦瓜植株生長與營養生理之研究
Studies on the Plant Growth and Nutritional Physiology of ''Luxuriance'' and ''Fen Ching'' Bitter Gourds (Momordica charantia L.) Grafted onto Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duch.) or Luffa (Luffa cylindrica (L.) Rome.)
作者: 施驊倫
Shi, Hua Lun
關鍵字: bitter qourd;苦瓜;luffa;squash;graft;南瓜;絲瓜;木質液;嫁接
出版社: 園藝學系所
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利用石蠟切片、葉片水份潛勢與氣孔導度比較苦瓜嫁接苗初期維管束癒合情形,顯示¢碧華¢與¢粉青¢苦瓜嫁接絲瓜砧的癒合速度較南瓜砧快。由嫁接苗維管束染色結果得知,南瓜砧木下胚軸的維管束與接穗相連結的數目少於絲瓜砧木。嫁接後期觀察植株吸收0.1﹪Safranin O染液的結果顯示,砧木與接穗的維管束完全相連,唯嫁接絲瓜砧植株嫁接部位縱切面的維管束較南瓜砧植株彎曲嚴重。嫁接絲瓜砧者於塑膠棚生長六週時木質液流量最多,九週後嫁接絲瓜砧者的木質液流量與未嫁接者無顯著差異, 以南瓜砧者的木質液流量顯著最低。

The study examines the vegetative growth of grafted and ungrafted plants under various factors using the ''Luxuriance'' and ''Fen Ching'' bitter melons as samples. ''Luxuriance'' and ''Fen Ching'' bitter melons were grafted onto a luffa or squash through cleft grafting. The vascular connection and vegetative growth at early or late stages were analyzed. The root exudation content, leaf water potential, nutrient elements content, nitrogenous components and nitrate reductase activity of the leaf were analyzed after being grown for six to nine weeks under the rain shelter.
The section of the grafted union area, leaf water potential, and stomata conductance of the grafted plants were studied to understand the vascular bundle-connected condition. The adhesion of the vascular bundle grafted unto the luffa is faster than the squash stocks. The number of the vascular bundles of squash at the hypocotyl contacted to scion was less than that of luffa. All xylem vessels between the bitter melon scion and squash or luffa stocks were completely connected by observing through the safranin O solution in the vascular bundles.
The longitudinal sections of the xylem vessels of the grafted union area of luffa rootstocks, however, were twisted compared to that of squash, which was relatively straight. The different degree of twisting condition of the xylem vessels of grafted union between squash and luffa rootstocks did not affect the root exudation content. The root exudation from the luffa rootstock showed great content after growing under rain shelter for six weeks but it did not significantly differ from the ungrafted plants growing for nine weeks. The root exudation from squash stocks was the lowest after being planted in the rain shelter for nine weeks.
The shoot growth after grafting for 17-days was slow during one to two weeks observation period under the green house. The shoot growth was not significantly different between grafted and un-grafted plants after growing under the green house for five weeks. The fresh and dry weight of root into squash stocks were the lowest after growing under the green house for five weeks. After growing for six weeks, the total stem length of the grafted bitter melon was less than that of the un-grafted bitter melon. The shoot dry weight of grafted ''Fen Ching'' bitter melons was significantly less than the un-grafted bitter melon. The water potential of the leaf, the shoot weight and the shoot length were not significantly different between the grafted and un-grafted bitter melon at late stage of development.
The influence of male and female flower number and the ratio of female to male flowers of ''Luxuriance'' bitter melon grafted onto squash were significantly different. The flowering date in the second shoot of ''Fen Ching'' bitter melon was delayed. The male flowers in the first shoot, however, appeared early.
The nitrogen and phosphorus content in the xylem sap, the nitrogen concentration and nitrate reductase activity in the leaf of bitter melon grafted unto the luffa was lower than those grafted unto the squash. The concentration of free amino acid and soluble protein in the leaf of grafted bitter melon unto luffa was increased. It can be noted that this fruit had great amount of free amino acid. The nitrate reductase activity in the root of ''Luxuriance'' bitter melon grafted unto the squash was higher than the luffa but the dry and fresh weight in the root had the reverse results.
The leaf of grafted bitter melon unto the squash had high levels of phosphorus and potassium concentrations and low level of magnesium concentration. The content of phosphorus and potassium between the leaf concentration and the root exudation were negatively correlated but magnesium was positively correlated. The calcium content in the leaf and root exudation of grafted bitter melon unto luffa was great. The iron concentration in the grafted bitter melon leaf was lower than in the un-grafted melon.
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