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標題: 麒麟花利用花序培殖體之微體繁殖
Micropropagation of Euphorbia milii Desmoul via Cyathium Explants
作者: 卜莎蒂
Tunjit, Phusadee
關鍵字: Euphorbia milii;麒麟花;micropropagation;inflorescence;微體繁殖;花序
出版社: 園藝學系所
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以花麒麟(Euphorbia milii Desmoul)易分枝型(free-branching)之紅花品種‘FBR’和難分枝型(restricted-branching)的綠花品種 ‘RBG’之大戟花序為材料,進行微體繁殖 。將‘FBR’ 和‘RBG’ 第一期大戟花序培養在含5 mg/l BA 的1/2 MS培養基中,可得較多的再生芽體。此外花麒麟 ‘FBR’ 或 ‘RBG’ 之芽體分別繼代培養在含2 mg/l BA 或 4 mg/l BA,芽體增殖數較多。另外將花麒麟 ‘FBR’ 或‘RBG’ 之芽體繼代培養在固體或液體培養基中,以固體培養基的增殖芽體數較多,芽體在液體培養時會有玻璃質化(hyperhydricity)的現象。將‘FBR’ 和 ‘RBG’之叢生芽分離成單枝,將枝梢培養在含IAA、IBA或NAA的發根培養基中,含NAA的培養基會抑制芽體的生長與發根,而以培養在無auxin的培養基中根的生長較佳。取 ‘FBR’ 和 ‘RBG’之長1.5 cm的枝梢進行瓶外發根試驗。以枝梢基部沾2 g/Kg IBA的發根劑之存活率較高。比較利用傳統的扦插或微體繁殖‘FBR’ 和 ‘RBG’的苗上盆2個月後插穗的品質。‘FBR’經微體繁殖的苗較佳,但在 ‘RBG’則無明顯差異。

Euphorbia milii Desmoul micropropagation was successful by using cyathia as explant source in two types of E. milii, free branching type with small red bract (‘FBR') and another restricted-branching type with large green bract (‘RBG'). For both cultivars, the first stage of cyathium cultured on one and half strength of MS medium containing 5 mg/l BA was more effective on vegetative shoots regeneration. The vegetative shoots obtained from cyathium in vitro were used as explants for subculture. The higher number of multiple shoots were achieved with shoots subcultured on full strength of MS medium containing 2 or 4 mg/l BA for E. milii ‘FBR' or ‘RBG', respectively. Two medium phases, semi-solid and liquid culture were compared for shoot multiplication. There were more shoots when subcultured on semi-solid medium in two E. milii cultivars, while shoots were hyperhydricity when subcultured on support with liquid medium. Multiple shoots from multiplication were divided into single shoot and cultured on pretransplanting medium supplement with IAA, IBA, or NAA. NAA was found to inhibit the growth and rooting of shoots. While, two E. milii cultivars rooted well when cultured on medium without auxin. For ex vitro rooting, shoots were harvested from in vitro culture and cut into single shoot of 1.5 cm in length and treated with auxin powder. E. milii cultivars microcutting rooted well and highest survival rate under ex vitro condition when treated with 2 g/Kg IBA powder. The microcutting size of E. milii did not influenced on rooting and survival rate. The performance of pot flower propagated by conventional cutting or micropropagation was compared. There were found ‘FBR' cultivar propagated by micropropagation were better performance than that by conventional cutting. But ‘RBG' cultivar had not differences in performance of pot plant between propagation by micropropagation or conventional cutting. The micropropagation with ex vitro rooting is a simple protocol for production of E. milii plantlets.
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