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標題: 穴盤型式、單格株數、海藻萃取液與 叢枝菌根菌對北蔥種苗生長之影響
Influence of Plug Type, Number of Seedling Per Cell, Seaweed Extract and Arbuscular Mycorrihiza on Welsh Onion (Allium fistulosum L.) Seedling Growth
作者: 陳士寬
Chen, Shih-Kuan
關鍵字: Welsh onion;北蔥;plug tray seedling;arbuscularmycorrhiza;seaweed extract;穴盤育苗;叢枝菌根菌;海草萃取液
出版社: 園藝學系所
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北蔥種苗於不同單格株數處理下生長八週後,至第六週根部鮮乾重除128格5株及228格1株,其餘處理之植株重量逐漸增加,地下部鮮乾重以72格3株顯著最高;定植於田間後地上部鮮乾重以72格3、5株與128格3株顯著為最高。各處理植株至第七週根部鮮乾重以128格圓形與U 字型漏空者顯著最高,定植於田間後,地上部鮮乾重漏空處理者皆顯著高於對照組。
叢枝菌根菌披衣處理種子之北蔥種苗生長六週,使用阿拉伯膠與 PVP 為披覆劑之植株性狀皆較其他處理組顯著表現佳。在施用介質與叢枝菌根菌菌砂不同比例處理下,萌芽率無顯著差異,菌根菌菌砂與介質比值為 1:20 之菌根感染率為最高,植株性狀顯著高於其他處理組。菌根菌處理對經3、6天淹水處理之北蔥種苗生長2 週,菌根菌處理者可減少葉片黃化率 9.3~9.9%,增加11.0~14.5%植株生長速率。
海藻萃取液對北蔥種子萌芽率之影響,披衣種子加入四種海藻萃取液對萌芽率有顯著影響,披衣種子添加Lipro-50之平均萌芽天數顯著低於其他處理組。苗期葉面施用四種海藻液肥,處理Lipro-50六週植株性狀為最高,植株葉片氮、鈣含量皆顯著最高,對照組之氮、磷、鈣顯著最低,生長至六週時施用Lipro-50 之地上部與地下部硝酸還原酶活性顯著最高,對照組顯著最低。根部活性以添加Kelpak、Lipro-50處理者顯著最高。海藻萃取液處理北蔥種苗對經3、6天淹水處理之北蔥種苗,淹水下施用Lipro-50可減少葉片黃化率9.2~15.5%,增加10.2~13.9%植株生長速率。

In order to solute the Welsh onion production problem in summer, we used plug tray production and the biological fertilizers to produce the Welsh onion which has a long sheath and an effective root system.
The growth of Welsh onion in different types of plug trays increased with the exception of the 128 cell tray which had five seedlings per cell and the 228 cell tray which had only one. The 72 cell tray with 3 seedlings has the highest root fresh and dry weight until the sixth week. The Welsh onion seedlings in the U type root-inducted and 128 round cell tray had the highest root fresh and dry weight after seven weeks, and the seedling grew in the open-bottom plug tray types had better fresh and dry shoot weight after planted in the field.
Using Arabic gum and PVP to coat the Welsh onion seed with arbuscular mycorrihiza yielded the best seedling growth after six weeks. The ratios of medium and mycorrihizal sand, didn't affect the germinating rate. The root infection percentage of the medium and mycorrihzal sand ratio was 1:20 with the highest infection percentage compared to the others. The mycorrihizal treatment of Welsh onion seedling after three and six days flooding had the highest shoot fresh weight, average growth rate, leaf sheath diameter, and sheath length compared to the other treatments during two weeks recovering period. The mycorrhizal treatment reduced the yellow leaf percentage about 2.3~6.2% and enhanced the plant growth rate about 11.0~14.5%.
The emergence rate of Welsh onion seeds coated with seaweed extract had the highest rate. The means of emergence of seeds coated with Lipro-50 was the lowest compared to the others. The Welsh onion seedling leaf surface sprayed with Lipro-50 had the best growth characteristics after 6 weeks. The nitrogen and calcium content of the Lipro-50 treatment was the highest after six weeks. The nitrate reductase activity of the treatment with Lipro-50 was the highest after six weeks, and the control was lower significantly. The root activity of the treatment with Kelpak and Lipro-50 increased significantly. The seaweed extract treatment seedling after three and six days flooding had the better growth characteristcs compared to the others during two week recovering period. The seaweed treatment reduced the yellow leaf percentage about 9.2~15.5% and enhanced the plant growth rate about 10.2~13.9%.
The leaf sheath length of tube seedling didn't affected by the tube length after growing for six weeks. After planting and transplanting for eight weeks, the Welsh onion seedling transplanted to the tube for 2 weeks had the best growth characteristics. After three and six days flooding, the growth characteristic was better than control and reduced the injurer of flooding. The plant growth characteristics of Welsh onion tube seedling treated with mycorriza and seaweed extract were better than control during two week recovering period, and reduce the yellow leaf percentage about 2.3~6.2%.
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