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標題: 迷你玫瑰盆花之繁殖與修剪
The propagation and pruning of poted miniature rose.
作者: 陳昌岑
Chen, Chang-Tsen
關鍵字: Propagation;繁殖;Single-node cutting;Pruning;Miniature rose;單節扦插;修剪;迷你玫瑰
出版社: 園藝學系
本研究以迷你玫瑰''Green Ice''、''Lavender Jewel''、''Orange Sunblaze''
、''Red Sunblaze''和''Sequoia Gold''為材料,探討影響單節扦插繁殖插穗
明顯。根據本實驗的結果,建議扦插時使用IBA(indole butyric acid
''Lavender Jewel''和''Sequoia Gold''二品種的插穗,節位對其發育沒有影
響。''Orange Sunblaze''在夏天以取自上或中間部位的插穗發育較佳,其
他三個季節的插穗則是與''Red Sunblaze''的插穗一樣,以取自較低節位的
插穗發育較好。''Green Ice''以鱗片節位的插穗發育最差。迷你玫瑰單節
插穗發根需時 2∼ 3週,但扦插時若遇低溫,則需 3∼ 4週才會發根。插
用中剪或低剪法可以降低''Lavender Jewel''和''Orange Sunblaze''盆栽的
''Lavender Jewel''在發育到二個伸長的節間時摘心,可得到較多的分枝數
及開花數;而''Orange Sunblaze''則是要在花萼反捲後修剪,盆栽才較快
具有商品價值。又''Lavender Jewel''一盆種植 4株,只要經一次修剪即可
出售;''Orange Sunblaze''則是以一盆種植 2∼ 3株的型式在經過二次修

Factors on the development of single-node cuttings of Rosa
chinensis Jacq. ''Minima'', cvs. ''Green Ice'', ''Lavender Jewel'',
''Orange Sunblaze'', ''Red Sunblaze'' and ''Sequoia Gold'', under
mist were studied for mass propagating plantlets. The pruning
for promoting the commerical quality of potted roses earlier
was also studied. Auxins improved the rooting of cuttings. When
cuttings were treated with higher concentation of auxins, the
axillary bud break was delayed, especially in the summer and
fall. IBA1000∼2000ppm was recommended for cutting. Cuttings of
''orange sunblaze'' from upper and middle positions rooted well
in summer, but cuttings taken in other seasons as well as
cuttings of ''Red Sunblaze'' from basal positions rooted well.
The scale- node cuttings of ''Green Ice'' developed worst.In
general, cuttings rooted in 2∼ 3 weeks, however, cuttings
rooted in three to four weeks when temperature was lower. The
adventitious root initaited from secondary phloem and phloem
ray parenchyma. The height of potted roses of ''Lavender Jewel''
and ''Orange Sunblaze'' was reduced efficiently when plants were
pruned at the position of which two elongating internodes were
left (cut at middle position) or all elangating internodes was
cut off (cut at lower position).To cut off scaly leaves or two
leaves only,increased the height of potted flower and blindness
shoots.To pinch''Lavender Jewel''when lateal shoot was just
developing two elongating internodes resulted in more lateral
shoots and flowers in the next flower flush. To prune ''Orange
Sunblaze'' at middle position when the petals unfolded resulted
in high quality of potted flowers. The potted ''Lavender Jewel''
could be sold at the second flower if 4 plantlets were planted
in a 12cm pot. But the potted ''Orange Sunblaze'' planted 2∼ 3
plantlets in a 12cm-pot got better qulaity after two times of
pruning. The spacing of 15cm×15cm was recommended for offering
the optimum space for 12cm potted roses.
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