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標題: 高速公路中央分隔帶使用材料型式偏好之研究
A Study on the Preference of the Material Typess Used in Freeway Median Strip
作者: 蔡姬綾
Tsai, Chi-Ling
關鍵字: freeway;高速公路;median strip;visual simulation;animation;中央分隔帶;視覺模擬;動畫
出版社: 園藝學系
及車道位置,以測得視覺景觀偏好及視覺效果的差異。藉由3D Studio電
樣調查,共取得有效問卷220份。資料分析的方法採用Three-way ANOVA、
One-way ANOVA、T-test及相關分析進行結果的描述及假設檢定。經由分

The main purpose of this study was to investigate the visual
effect and the preference of the material types used in freeway
median strip based on users'' perceptual view.The study also
discussed whether users'' preference and visual effect judgment
would be influenced when they were in different speeds and
different lane locations under a simulated freeway driving
situation. The study applied a series of computer animations to
set up experimental landscape viewed by respondents from
freeway. For experimental design reasons,the study controlled
the road condition 、roadside landscape、light and background
as fixed variables and varied the different material types、
speeds and lane locations to measure users'' visual preference
and visual effect judgment on the simulated landscapes.The
study obtained 28 freeway landscape animations by using 3D
Studio software and DPS personal animation recorder.Through
television broadcast, the 28 kinds of freeway landscapes were
ranked from 1 (extremel dislike) to 10 (extremely like) by
questionnaire survey from th drivers and passengers at Taian
service area of the Sun Yet-sen Freeway.220 valid samples were
selected.Data was analyzed by 3-way analysis、one-way analysis
of variance、T-test and correlation analysis.The major results
were summarized as follow 1.Users'' visual preference of the Sun
Yet-sen Freeway median strip was influenced by different
material types and speeds. 2.The most favorite and best visual
effect material types used in freeway median strip was the
plant style. The mixed style wa the second favorite,and the
engineering style was the last. 3.The faster the speed,the
more preference and safety、comfort visual effect judgment of
the drivers and passengers reduced. 4.Different lane locations
only had an influence on the visual effect of safety. The
visual effect of safety was better if looking from the inner
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