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標題: 植物生長調節劑對無子葡萄果實品質之影響
Effects of Plant Growth Regulators on Quality of Seedless Grapes
作者: 藍碧蘭
Nampila, Rumpai
關鍵字: CPPU;CPPU;GA3;Berry size;GA3;果實大小
出版社: 園藝學系所
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本研究利用鏈黴素及GA3誘導''巨峰''及''蜜紅''葡萄無子化後探討GA3及CPPU對其夏果及冬果果實品質之影響。另外亦調查GA3及CPPU對''Beauty Seedless''、''Himrod''、''Flame Seedless''及''Marroo Seedless''等無子葡萄及''巨峰''葡萄變異種果實品質之影響。
由試驗結果可知,在冬果方面,滿花後12日處理25 ppm GA3及10ppmCPPU可促使無子化''巨峰''及''蜜紅''葡萄肥大約2倍及1.7倍,其果色、可溶性固形物及滴定酸則無顯著影響。在夏果方面,花後12日處理12.5ppm GA3及10ppmCPPU可增加兩品種果粒大小約1.8倍及1.4倍,但是果色及可溶性固形物相對地較低。''蜜紅''若在花後25日再以25 ppm GA3追加處理,其果粒可由9.6g增加為15g,但是果色及可溶性固形物亦相對地較低。
在無子品種方面,滿花後12日處理50 ppm或100 ppm 之GA3,皆可促進果粒增大。若GA3添加CPPU則可有效地促進果粒增大1.2~1.7倍, ''Beauty Seedless''及''Flame Seedless''若在花後25日追加處理GA325 ppm則更為有效。至於可溶性固形物及酸度的影響,則發現其果粒大者可溶性固形物之上升及酸度之降低較遲。
''巨峰''葡萄變異種在滿花後12日單獨以GA3100 ppm或CPPU 10 ppm處理皆可明顯地促進果粒增大,雖然其可溶性固形物較無處理者低,酸度較高。

This study was conducted to investigate effects of GA3 and CPPU on berry quality of summer and winter seedlessness grapes in ''Kyoho'' and ''Honey Red''. It was also investigated the effect of same treatments in ''Beauty Seedless'', ''Himrod'', ''Flame Seedless'', ''Marroo Seedless'' and ''Kyoho'' mutant grapes.
In winter grapes, after treated with 25 ppm GA3 mixed with 10 ppm on 12 days after full bloom, it was found the berry weight increased 2 times in ''Kyoho'' and 1.7 times in ''Honey Red''. There was decrement in color and TSS but increment in acidity.
In summer grapes, after the treatment of 12.5 ppm GA3 and 10 ppm CPPU on 12 days after full bloom, the berry size increased 1.8 times in ''Kyoho'' and 1.4 times in ''Honey Red''. It was also found that berry weight became 15 g in ''Honey Red'' after the additional treatment of 25 ppm GA3 on 25 days after full bloom. Moreover, the color degree and TSS were lower and acidity was higher in bigger berry.
In seedless cultivars, both application of 50 or 100 ppm GA3 on 12 days after full bloom could be increased the berry size. After the treatment of 100 ppm GA3 mixed with 10 ppm CPPU on the same day, the berry size increased 1.2-1.7 times. In ''Beauty Seedless'' and ''Flame Seedless'', more bigger berry size was found when it treated with the additional 25 ppm GA3 on 25 days after full bloom.
In ''Kyoho'' mutant grapes, the berry size increased significantly when it treated with 100 ppm GA3 or 10 ppm CPPU alone on 12 days after full bloom.
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