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標題: 玫瑰花單節扦插繁殖之研究
The Propagation of Roses (Rosa Hydrida Hort.) by Single-Node Cuttings
作者: 賴建旗
Lai, Chien-Chi
關鍵字: propagation;繁殖;rose;singleqnode cutting;玫瑰;單節扦插
出版社: 園藝學系
種苗,解決現階段國內需苗殷切之問題。植物生長素 Auxin具促進發根效
果,插穗經粉劑處理者,扦插苗發育較好,以 NAA 2000mg/kg 效果最佳
發愈困難。以 BA 及 GA3 處理,皆可促進腋芽之萌發,尤以含 BA 1.0%
、GA3 0.01% 羊毛脂膏效果最為顯著。單節插穗之發根與萌芽在品種間有
很大的差異; ''Papa Meilland'' 與 ''Samantha'' 生育最好, ''Blue
Moon'' 和 ''Super Disco'' 單節插穗生育最差;而且其葉片光合率與插穗中
則為 4524元/1000株。單節插穗之根原體形成過程,以石臘切片觀察。扦

Factors of single-node cuttings of rose cultivars for cut
flower under mist were studied, in order to enchance the
efficiency of propagation and to establish aproduction of rose
plantlets for cut flower business. The highest rates ofrooting
and axillary bud sprouting were found on the single-node
cuttings with a 4 or 5-leaflet leaf .Single-nodecuttings failed
to root without leaflet.After rooting itwas more difficult for
axillary bud sprouting. Whe n the cut-tings from the lower
position on mother plant.The sproutingof axillary bud was
improved when plantlets treated withbenzyladenine or
gibberellin acid loalin paste at 1.0% or 0.01%,respectively.
Therewere difference on root and shoot growth among cultivars.
The development of ''PaPa Meilland''and ''Samantha'' plantlets were
the best, when ''Blue Moon''and ''Super Disco'' were the poorest.
The net photosynthesis and the inorganic constituents of the ''
Blue Moon'' and ''Super Disco'' were also poorer. The quality of
plantlets propagated in July and October was better than that
in April and January. In addition , in the former reasons;
cuttings rooted by 3 weeks when in the later seasons cuttings
rooted over 5 weeks. By calculating roughly,the cost of
producting 1000 plantlets was 3987 N.T.dollars by single-node
cutting or 4524 N.T. dollars by air layering.The developmental
stageof rooting in single-node cutting of ''Samantha'' rose was
observed. After 7 days,cullus formed from the cambium on the of
cutting. After 10 days, top of thephloem ray parenchyma found
some actilinal parenchyma tissue. After 13days, some new
parenchyma were found in pholem tissue. After 18 days,root
primordia was found in phloem parenchyma, and after 22 days.
Young root primordia elongated through the cortex.
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