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標題: 硝酸鈣施用對聖誕紅生育之影響
Effects of the application of calcium nitrate on the growth and the development of poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima Willd. ex Klotzsch )
作者: 潘玲慧
Pan, Ling-Huey
關鍵字: Poinsettia;聖誕紅;Calcium nitrate;Nutrition;stem strength;硝酸鈣;礦物營養;枝條強度
出版社: 園藝學系
本試驗是以聖誕紅'Supjibi'、'Peter Star'以及'Angelika'三品種為材
條強度之影響。不同濃度硝酸鈣處理對'Supjibi'及'Peter Star'二品種
積、苞片顏色 ( 明度、色相及彩度 )則不受處理之影響。不同濃度硝酸
度硝酸鈣處理對聖誕紅之蒸散作用與氣孔導度之影響,就 'Supjibi' 而
ppm 高濃度之硝酸鈣處理最高。枝條強度、斷裂強度、拉力、粘著力及脆

Experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of dif-
ferent concertrations of calcium nitrate treatments on the
growth and development,nutrition, stem strength and plant
morphology of poinsettia(Euphorbia plucherrima Willd. ex
Klotzsch) cvs. Supjibi, Peter Star and Angelika. Results
indicated that different concentrations of calcium nitrate
treatments on the height, width, leaf number, total leaf area
and vegetable growth were not significant, however they
appeared to be coincide with increased concentration of Ca(
NO3)2 applied to 'Angelika' poinsettias. No significant
difference of treatments on the total inflorescence diameter,
bract number, total bract area and bract color( including
lightness, value of a and b, hue and saturation) of the three
cultivars. Leaf P and Ca contents are lower than that of bract
after treatment of different concentration of calcium nitrate,
but leaf N, Ca and Mg contents are higher than that of bracts.
Both of Cu and Zn contents were in deficiency range. Leaf Ca
and Mg contents were higer than those the of stems,but both
leaf and stem K contents were similar. Free and bound calcium
in leaves was higer than that in bracts and stems. The
transpiration and stomatal conductance of 4th, 5th and 6th
leaves of cv. Supjibi treated with 800 ppm Ca(NO3)2 showed the
highest one. Stem strength, break intension, trail, jelly and
crisp were fairly corelated to Ca(NO3)2 treatment levels in the
three cultivars. There was no significant difference in plant
morphology of poinsettia in different Ca(NO3)2 treatments.
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