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標題: 開口薄壁複材直樑振動特性之探討
Vibration Analysis of Straight Thin-Walled Composite Beams of Open Sections
作者: 王祥安
Wang, Siang-An
關鍵字: 複合材料;Composite;開口薄壁直樑;振動特性;Straight Thin-Walled Beams of Open Sections;Vibration Analysis
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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The objective of this thesis is to develop a one-dimensional finite element beam model to be used to analyze the vibration of straight thin-walled fiber-reinforced composite beams of open sections. The straight thin-walled beams of open sections being studied here can be divided into multiple connected flat straight beams. The displacement fields of flat beams have included structural effects such as transverse shear deformation, twisting, warping, chordwise curvature, sidewise bending. Hence, they represent more accurately than those of the conventional beam theory the deformation due to the vibration of straight thin-walled beams of open sections.

To develop the present finite element model, first, a displacement field is assumed to represent the flexible deformation of the flat beams. Secondly, the kinetic energy and with the constitutive equations the strain energy are found. Next, the mixed Lagrangian-Hermite type of interpolation functions are used for the twisting displacement, while Lagrangian interpolation functions are used for other displacement variables. In addition, the transformation matrices between neighboring finite elements belonging to different flat beams are derived. Finally, evoking the Hamilton’s principle and introducing the transformation matrix in the nodal displacements of the element, the equations of motion of the straight thin-walled beams of open sections are derived.

The vibration characteristics of straight thin-walled beams of different types of open section are studied. First, the vibration modes and frequencies of various thin-walled beams made of isotropic materials are analyzed. The results are compared with those obtained from ANSYS. It is found that, for the case of the slender beam studied here, the mode shapes and natural frequencies found corresponding to pure bending or bending-twisting coupling by the two methods are in agreement. However, there is a huge difference in frequencies corresponding to the pure torsion mode between the two. This problem is needed to be investigated further in the future. Finally, the vibration modes and frequencies of single-layered as well as multi-layered fiber-reinforced composite thin-walled beams of different open sections are studied. The results found may provide one a reference for the devise of the similar straight thin-walled beam models in the future.
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