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標題: 庭園風格對視覺行為與認知影響之研究
Influences of Different Garden Styles on Observers' Visual Behavior and Cognitions
作者: 黃郁琇
Huang, Yu-Hsiu
關鍵字: Eye Tracking;瞳位追蹤;Garden styles;Landscape Cognition;Styles Cognition;Visual behavior;庭園風格;景觀認知;風格認知;視覺行為
出版社: 園藝學系
壹、 庭園風格與受測者之景觀認知評值有顯著相關。中國庭園的「神秘性」感知最高、日本庭園的「意義性」感知最高、義大利庭園的「焦點性」感知最高、法國庭園及英國庭園皆以「開闊性」感知為最高。
貳、 庭園風格與受測者之風格認知有顯著相關。東方的兩個國家之庭園風格判斷正確率較高,西方三個國家之庭園風格判斷正確率較低,其中義大利庭園風格判斷正確率僅達三成,是所有庭園中最差的。
參、 不同的庭園風格對於吸引受測者視覺注意之元素有顯著差異。中國庭園中「建築」為最吸引受測者注意之元素,日本庭園為「白砂」、義大利庭園為「建築與水景」、法國庭園與英國庭園為「植物」。
肆、 受測者的個人屬性對於景觀認知與風格認知僅有少部分的影響。

The purposes of this study were to explore the influences and cognitions of different garden styles on Observers' visual behavior and analyze whether different personal attributes would have effects on visual behavior. For understanding observers' visual concentration level when viewing different garden pictures, the most attractive landscape element in different gardens, landscape cognition, and garden style cognition, eye-tracking technique and distribution analysis of pupil location (fixation) were employed in this study. By using questionnaire survey, stratified sampling method, and convenient sampling method, this study obtained 144 valid samples from students studying in National Chung Hsing University. Of 144 valid samples, 94 samples with valid eye-tracking records were available for further analysis. Through utilizing descriptive statistics, Chi-square test, and One-way ANOVA, this study obtained the following conclusions:
1. There was a significant association between landscape cognition and garden style. In Chinese garden, the cognition score of “mystery” was the highest. In respectively, the highest cognition scores for Japanese garden, Italian garden, French garden, and English garden were “meaning”, “focality”, “openness”, and “openness”.
2. There was a significant association between style cognition and garden style-. In Chinese garden and Japanese garden, the correct percentages of garden style judgment were higher than those of Italian garden, French garden, and English garden. In Italian garden, the correct percentage of garden style judgment was the lowest one. Only thirty percent of correct judgment was proved in Italian garden.
3. There were significant differences of landscape elements attractive to observers' visual attention among different garden styles. The “building” element was the most attractive one to observers' visual attention in Chinese garden. In respectively, the most attractive element to observers' visual attention for Japanese garden, Italian garden, French garden, and English garden were “white sand”, “building and water”, “plantings”, and “plantings”.
4. Observers' personal attributes only had fewer influences on landscape cognition and garden style cognition.
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