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標題: ‘富有’甜柿採收成熟度與貯藏技術之研究
Studies on Harvest Maturity and Postharvest Technology of 'Fuyu' Persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.)Fruits
作者: 石茂盈
Shi, Mao-ying
關鍵字: 甜柿;kaki;溫湯處理;採收成熟度;寒害;1-MCP;AVG;persimmon;heat treatment;harvest maturity;chilling injury;1-MCP;aminoethoxyvinylglycine
出版社: 園藝學系

The objectives of this study were to investigate the effects of temperatures on the storage life and fruit quality of the ‘Fuyu' persimmon with a view to defining the best storage temperature and condition, reducing chilling injury and fruit softness, and improving the quality as well as commercial value of the fruits.
The best time to harvest of ‘Fuyu' persimmon fruit in the medium elevation mountain regions of central Taiwan should begin on 25th of November as far as maturity is concerned. At this time the average fruit weight reaches 285.2g, its total soluble solid content approaches more than 14.7∘Brix, and its peel color turns orange red. All these promises better economical values. However, in terms of storage, it is more preferable to picj them from 9 to 23, December. During this period, the fruits remain firm, with lower respiration rate and more red skin color, heavier weight, way ahead of the pre-climacteric and closer to Chinese New Year.
The results indicated that persimmon fruits, which were stored at 6-15℃ for 4 weeks, developed the symptoms of translucent peel and softening flesh soon after returning to the room temperature. Softness also occurring in fruits stored at 1 or 3℃, but the damage was less extensive. It is concluded that suitable storage temperature for persimmon cv. ‘Fuyu' should be below 1℃. The storage life of highly mature fruits is 4 weeks at 1℃.
The persimmon fruits when soaked in AVG before storage could delay the occurrence of climacteric peak by inhibiting respiration and ethylene production. The same effects were obtained by spraying AVG solution on the tree 2-3 weeks before harvest.
Treatment of persimmon with 1-MCP and hot water (53℃, 50min) before storage could delayed softening and turning of fruit color and prevented chilling injury from occurring. However, black scorch could appear on the peel of some fruits, which affected the appearance and marketing values. In addition, 1-MCP treatment inhibited ethylene action thus retained the firmness of ‘Fuyu' fruits. Hot water (53℃, 50min) treatment of persimmon fruits harvested on 22nd December, the storage life was prolonged to 8 weeks under 1℃ storage condition.
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