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標題: 蜜棗(Zizyphus mauritiana莖頂培養之研究
Studies on shoot tip culture of Indian jujube (Zizyphus mauritiana Lam. cv. Mizao) in vitro
作者: 陳嘉惠
Chen, Chia-Hui
關鍵字: tissue culture;組織培養;indian jujube;印度棗
出版社: 園藝學系所
本研究以台灣栽培印度棗(Zizyphus mauritiana Lam.)之經濟品種‘蜜棗’為試驗材料,探討培養基組成及培養方法對蜜棗莖頂離體繁殖之影響,以求建立可行之繁殖方法。
蜜棗莖頂及枝梢採取最適期為夏梢生長旺盛時期,採取5 cm之新梢於解剖顯微鏡下切取0.5 mm,含4片葉原體之莖頂生長點進行培養。初代培養以1/2MS添加蔗糖30g/l及洋菜8g/l之固態培養基培養30日,即可獲得生長強健之培植體,接著將培植體以1/2MS添加0.22μM BA、1.25μM IBA、蔗糖30g/l及洋菜8g/l之固態培養基,經3次繼代培養後可移至1/2MS添加1μM BA、0.5μM IBA、30g/l蔗糖及8g/l洋菜之固態培養基中進行增殖培養。發根階段則取1cm長之幼梢扦插於1/2MS添加100μM IBA、30g/l蔗糖及8g/l洋菜之固態培養基,經1日黑暗前處理,或以1/2 MS添加25 μM NAA、30g/蔗糖l及8g/l洋菜之固態培養基培養2週黑暗前處理,移植至不含auxin之培養基,皆在第30日後可獲得已發根之小苗。將已發根之幼苗清洗消毒之後,植入泥炭土混合珍珠石及蛭石比例為1:1:1之盆中,置於生長箱覆以保鮮膜進行健化,枝梢經一段時間健化後,即可成功的移至室外生長。將經健化後帶根之小苗移植於泥炭土及蛭石、珍珠石混合之介質中,給予適當之管理,經5個月後即可成為根群及枝梢發育健全之植株。

In vitro propagation of Indian jujube (Zizyphus mauritiana Mizao) was carried out to develop an optimal micropropagation system in this study.
Shoot tips about 5cm in length were harvested from active summer shoots and shoot apices ca. 0.5mm were excised under microscope for initial culture. Shoot tip culture was achieved by employing a soild 1/2MS medium. Survived explants were transferred to solid agar medium containing the 1/2MS, 0.22μM BA, 1.25μM IBA, 30g/l sucrose and 8g/l agar for further growth. Multiple shoots were induced by 1/2MS medium containing 30g/l sucrose, 8g/l agar, 1μM BA and 0.5μM IBA for 30days.
For rooting, when shoots grew above 10mm in height, were cultured in darkness pretreatment in 1/2MS medium containing 100μM IBA or 25μM NAA for one day or two weeks, respectively, then transplanted to an auxin-free 1/2MS medium for 30days.
Rooted plantlets were gradually acclimatized in growth chamber for a span of days. These young plants planted in plastic pots filled with peatmoss and perlite, it became healthy and developed vigorus roots after five months.
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