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標題: 環境景觀生態結構對物種、使用者自然度感受及其生心理反應影響之研究
The Influence of Landscape Ecological Structures on Species, Respondents' Natural Perception, and Psychophysical Responses
作者: 翁珮怡
Weng, Pei-Yi
關鍵字: landscape ecology;景觀生態;landscape psychophysiology;species diversity;biofeedback;景觀生心理;物種歧異度;生理回饋;自然度
出版社: 園藝學系
本研究範圍以陽明山國家公園內選取適合之樣點,劃定12個樣點。以定點計數法進行鳥類物種調查,並於各樣點內拍攝周遭景物之動畫約20秒,以作為自然度感受及生心理測試時之研究工具。參與者則採方便性取樣,以中興大學學生為研究對象共測得129名。以自然度量表測試受測者自然度感受認知,心理反應方面,則利用注意力恢復量表(PRS),採自填式自我評估問卷測量。生理反應測量方面則包含了四大觀測:主題右腦前額葉alpha波、左腦前額葉alpha波、手指末端脈搏(HR)與前額肌肌電質(EMG)。景觀生態結構方面,利用Arc View GIS 3.2版,整合整體的空間資訊,套疊繪製綠地區域,以FRAGSTATS for Arc View運算景觀結構之各指標,並測試變項之間之相關性。

The purpose of this study is to connect the studies of landscape ecology and landscape psychophysiology. To realize the relationships between landscape ecological structures and respondents' psychology and physiological benefits. The theories of spatial analysis in the landscape ecology were used to test the relationships with species diversity, the naturalness, and then the respondents' psychological and physical responses.
The twelve places in Yangmingshan national park was select as the study site and the point count investigation method were used to record the representative birds. Each selected spot in the site were videotaping for 20 seconds as the testing media. One hundred and twenty-nine students from the National Chung Hsing University were sampled with convenient sampling method. For the psychological parts, the naturalness scale and the attention restoration scale were adopted in the test. For the physical parts, the right and left sphere Brain Waves (EEG), the Heart Rate (HR), and the Electromyography (EMG) were recorded as the representative of respondents' physiological responses. The ArcView GIS3.2 and FRAGSTATS for ArcView were used to calculate the indexes of landscape ecological structures.
The result shows that the landscape ecology structures of farmland, woods, and water have statistically significant relationship with species diversity. The different level of place development would influence respondents' naturalness, which bring out different kinds of respondents' psychophysical responses.
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