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標題: 遊客生態旅遊認知對環境衝擊敏感度影響之研究
The Influences of Visitors' Eco-tourism Cognition on their Environmental Impact Sensitivity
作者: 周巧玲
Chou, Chiao-Ling
關鍵字: Eco-tourism cognition;生態旅遊認知;Impact sensitivity;衝擊敏感度
出版社: 園藝學系

The concept of eco-tourism has reduced the recreational impacts compare to the mass tourism activities. However, the impact still happens during various kinds of eco-tourism areas. Recreational impact will induce negative experience to visitor's satisfaction. Therefore, recreational managers have to understand the impacts and their influential factors to build managerial parameters. The purpose of this study is test the relationship between visitors' ecological concern and visitors' environmental impact sensitivity. With these test, this study tries to depict the effect of visitors' ecological concern on visitors' environmental impact sensitivity. Both visitors in Taiwan and in the US with different cultural backgrounds will be selected as study subjects. The National Forestry Trail in Taiwan and the Appalachian Trail in the US will be selected as the testing sites. The impact type, level and visitors' on-site cognition will be recorded for further analyses. Base on the study findings, three conclusions were drawn as followings: 1.Recreational impact of the National Forestry Trail in Taiwan is more serious than the Appalachian Trail in the US. 2.Visitor's ecological concern was positive. 3.Visitor's ecological concern had significant influences on visitors' environmental impact sensitivity. This proposal expects to propose suggestions by the study results to benefit the development of eco-tourism of Taiwan.
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