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標題: 穴格大小與苗齡對洋蔥 F1 Hybrid Granex 429 品種生育之影響
Effects of Plug Size and Seedling Age on Growth and Development Onion (Allium cepa L.) cv. F1 Hybrid Granex 429.
作者: 劉褔隆
關鍵字: Plug Size;穴格大小;Seedling Age;Onion;苗齡;洋蔥
出版社: 園藝學系
洋蔥 (Allium cepa L.) F1 Hybrid Granex 429品種,不同穴格
1991及1992年10月15日與11月1日兩定植期的栽植試驗中,以55 及65天苗
,較45天苗齡之田間苗增加了25,850公斤/公頃及 11,050公斤/公頃之多
。 1992年的試驗結果顯示,穴盤苗在採收之產量、早熟性、大球佔有比
率、分球率上,55 及65天苗齡間已差異不顯著;而 128、200、 288 格
之穴格間,除128格者有顯著之早熟性及288格者於10月15日定 期產量較
低下之外,皆差異不顯著。在經濟效益的考量下,以採用 200格 55天苗

Onion (Allium cepa L.) cv. F1 Hybrid Granex 429 was used in
this experiment, with seedlings raised in three types of plug
tray of size 128, 200 and 288 cells in combination withedlings
of age 35, 45, 55 and 65 days, respectively. Expe- riments were
conducted in two separate years with seedlingsansplanted into
the field at two different dates, namely October 15th and
November 1st of both 1991 and 1992. Seedlings of age 55 and 65
days showed larger size at transplanting, and performed better
than the controls (45-day old seedlings raised in open field)
in respect of yield, early maturity and large bulb percentage.
As in 1992, 55 and 65-day old seedlings of the two
transplanting dates reached a mean yield of 25,850 kg/ha and
11,050 kg/ha higher than controls, respec- tively. The results
of 1992 indicated that 55 and 65-day old seed- lings were non-
significantly different as regards yield, earlyturity, large
bulb percentage and split bulb percentage. On the other hand,
there was not any significant difference bet- ween plug sizes
except for 128 cells which obviously maturedrlier, and 288
cells which produced lower yield when trans- planted at October
15th. The combination of 288 cells andedling age of 55 days is
recommended for onion production.
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