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標題: 麥卡輪式全向機器人之模糊PD控制設計與C8051微控制器實現
Fuzzy PD Control Design and C8051 Microcontroller Implementation for an Omni-Directional Four-Mecanum-Wheeled Robot
作者: 林敬勛
Lin, Ching-Hsun
關鍵字: Mecanum輪全向式機器人;Mecanum-wheeled mobile robot;模糊PD控制;Simplex法;C8051微控制器實現;fuzzy PD control;simplex method;C8051 microcontroller implementation
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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In this thesis, an omni-directional wheeled robot with four Mecanum wheels is considered and fabricated. Based on the rolling and sliding constraints of the omni- directional wheels, the kinematics model of the robot is first derived, and then its complete dynamics model is derived using Lagrange’s equations. And an optimal independent-joint fuzzy PD controller is designed via the Simplex method to control the omni-directional four-Mecanum-wheeled robot that can track arbitrary desired trajectories. Computer simulations are presented to investigate the control performances. Finally, C8051F120 microcontroller-based mechatronic system is constructed to implement the suggested control law. The microcontroller is used to acquire the measurement signals of the accelerometer and gyroscope via SPI interface, and calculate the control torque commands. The signals are also transmitted to PC by UART interface for recording. The experimental results are presented for illustrating the control performance.
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