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標題: 鈣施用對紅龍果果實品質之影響
Effects of calcium application on fruit quality of pitaya
作者: 松橋桂子
Matsuhashi, Keiko
關鍵字: 紅龍果;pitaya;鈣處理;果實品質;冷藏;calcium treatment;fruit quality;cold storage
出版社: 園藝學系所
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Pitaya is one of the most important commercial cactus fruit. Pitaya fruits are easy to get injury during postharvest handling and storage. Pre-harvest and postharvest calcium treatments have been used to maintain flesh firmness and extend shelf life of many fruits. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of calcium treatments on maintaining pitaya fruit quality during cold storage.
Pitaya fruits were treated with different concentrations of calcium chloride solution at pre-harvest or postharvest and then stored at 5℃. Fruit pulp firmness increased after storage but calcium treatments did not increase it. Calcium treatments did not reduce skin injury during cold storage. In some cases, calcium treatment even increased skin injury level. Calcium contents in the pulp were not effectively increased by calcium treatments. Total soluble solid and titratable acid were reduced after cold storage, and calcium treatments did not have consistent effects on them. Peel thickness was also reduced after storage. Fruits bagged with PE bags during cold storage can reduced weight loss, but increased skin injury.
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