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標題: 光調制光譜研究氫原子輔助分子束磊晶成長InAs/GaAs量子點之光學特性
Photoreflectance Study of Optical Property of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots Grown by Hydrogen-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
作者: 徐嘉鴻
Hsu, Chia-Hung
關鍵字: 光調制光譜;Photoreflectance spectrum;干涉震盪;量子點;缺陷;變光強度;Interference oscillation;Quantum dots;Defect;Variable pump beam intensity
出版社: 光電工程研究所
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本論文利用光調制光譜研究氫原子輔助分子束磊晶成長InAs/GaAs量子點之光學特性。A. V. Katkova等人在2011年所發表的一篇論文,其探討主題是利用Hydrogen-plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy成長InAs/GaAs量子點結構,研究氫原子對量子點發光品質的改善。該論文證實在製程過程中加入氫原子可以降低非輻射複合中心(Nonradiative recombination centers),進而大幅改善InAs/GaAs量子點的螢光強度,然而在InAs/GaAs量子點的螢光光譜實驗中並沒有直接證據去證實GaAs能障層加入氫原子後與缺陷改善之關係,因此我們對此樣品進行改變激發光強度之光調制光譜實驗,探討氫原子與GaAs能障層缺陷改善之關係。

This thesis mainly uses photoreflectance method to study the optical property of InAs/GaAs quantum dots, which are grown by hydrogen-assisted molecular beam epitaxy.
A. V. Katkova et al. in 2011 published a thesis which mainly discusses the InAs/GaAs quantum dots structure and studies how to improve the optical efficiency. It proves that if we add hydrogen atoms during the process of growing GaAs bulk, the nonradiative recombination centers are decreased, and it could largely increase the PL intensity in InAs/GaAs structure .However, there is no direct evidence to prove the relation between adding the hydrogen atoms and the defect density in the InAs/GaAs quantum dots, therefore photoreflectance is used to study this issue.
In addition, we use the pump beams with different wavelengths to excite the samples to study the variations of oscillation features. After this treatment, the quantum dots signals of PR spectra were observed, then we use Origin software to fit the QD signals, which correspond to the quantum dots emission in the PL spectra.
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