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標題: 具有金奈米結構之有機高分子太陽能電池研究
Incorporating Gold Nanostructures In Polymer Solar Cells
作者: 陳澍名
Chen, Shu-Ming
關鍵字: 有機高分子;Polymer Solar Cells;金奈米結構;Gold Nanostructures
出版社: 光電工程研究所
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由於一般在製作金奈米結構的製程較複雜且花費的成本較高,本篇論文利用蒸鍍的方式在ITO玻璃上面製作金奈米結構,製程較簡單且成本花費低,其結構為ITO / Au / PEDOT:PSS / P3HT:PCBM / Al;實驗中先尋找適當的金奈米粒子(Au)厚度並進一步探討旋轉塗佈PEDOT:PSS與主動層P3HT:PCBM的轉速對元件特性所產生的影響。

As the general to fabricate gold nanostructures are complicated and expensive. In this thesis used the thermal evaporation to fabricate gold nanostructures in the ITO glass. The process is relatively simple and lower-cost. The cell structure is ITO / Au / PEDOT: PSS / P3HT: PCBM / Al. First experimented on searching appropriate thickness for gold nanoparticles (Au) and checked the coating speed of PEDOT: PSS film and the active layer P3HT: PCBM on device characteristics.
In this thesis found that adding the gold nanoparticles may reduce the Rs (series resistance), increase the current density, which leads to increasing the conversion efficiency, comparing with the polymer solar cell without gold nanoparticles, the rate of the conversion efficiency increased 15%.
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