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標題: 薄膜電晶體微小電性變異之研究
Study on slight variation in electrical properties of thin film transistor
作者: 張育誠
Chang, Yu-Cheng
關鍵字: 薄膜電晶體;thin film transistor;電性分析;非晶矽薄膜半導體;漏電流;electrical properties;TFT;current leakage
出版社: 光電工程研究所
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一般解析電性異常的手法,是藉由量測Id - Vg 的數值來判斷其電性異常機制的特徵,但該手法並不適用於本論文提供的樣本。而本論文提出新的檢測方式,乃利用非晶矽薄膜電晶體在照光環境下形成漏電流的特徵,量測其穩態時畫素內的電位差異,並藉此討論其電性差異的形成機制。我們推測該缺陷是由於非晶矽薄膜電晶體中的氫鍵在製程中被破壞,導致照光時,產生的電子電洞對數量比正常區少,也就是漏電流較低,因此在畫面異常區的畫素中會量測到比正常區較低的電位。我們以相同的檢測手法套用在陣列電性檢查機的參數中,可以得到驗證。

The main purpose of this thesis is to investigate and analyze the mura phenomenon due to the weak electrical variation in the a-Si:H thin film transistor and to provide the solution in process.
In the past, we analyzed the electrical characteristic of a-Si:H thin film transistors by measuring Id-Vg curves. However, it is not suitable in this work due to that we cannot define the abnormal electrical characteristic by this method. In this work, we provide a new method by measuring the variation of pixel voltages under illumination to find the cause of the abnormal phenomenon. According to measurement result, we suspected that light induced electron-hole pairs in the abnormal area were less than that in the normal area due to that hydrogen bonds had been destroyed in the process. Then, we employed this method in array testers and demonstrated the results.
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