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標題: Effects of food and humidity on the development of Forcipomyia taiwana (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)
作者: 陳佩琇
Chen, Pei-Shiou
關鍵字: Forcipomyia taiwana;台灣鋏蠓;Diptera;Ceratopogonidae;photoperiod;relative humidity;雙翅目;蠓科;光週期;相對溼度
出版社: 昆蟲學系
Effects of food and humidity on the development of
Forcipomyia taiwana (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)
Pei-Shiou Chen
The biting midge, Forcipomyia (Lasiohelea) taiwana (Shiraki) (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) is a human-biting pest. The larvae were fed on three different strains (CH1, CH2 and drought-resistant) of algae (Anabaena sp.) after hatching. Among three different strains, when fed on Anabaena sp. drought-resistant strain, the developmental duration required 21 days. When the larvae were fed on the other algae, they needed 17 days to develop to adult. When the larvae were placed on agar with moss, they often died without further development. Among three different larval densities tested, the developmental duration with 20 larvae was shortest. Females were collected from field and kept at a photoperiod of 12 : 12 (L : D) h or 12 : 12 (D : L). After incubating for four days with blood meal, the abundance of eggs laid was not significantly different between two photoperiod regimes. The LT50 values of first to fourth instar under submergence test were 4.3 days to 16 days. The mortality was significantly different among different larval instars. The LT50 of pupa under submergence test was 30.6 h. The emergence rate was significantly different among various submergence times. While the relative humidity increased from 50.5% to 100%, the emergence rate of F. taiwana was increased significantly.

食物及溼度對台灣鋏蠓 (雙翅目:蠓科) 發育之影響
本研究利用不同品系 (CH1、CH2、抗旱) 之念珠藻飼養台灣鋏蠓,Forcipomyia (Lasiohelea) taiwana (Shiraki) 幼蟲,自幼蟲到成蟲發育時間以抗旱品系最長達21天,其他兩種品系 (CH1, CH2) 只需17天即可完成發育。單獨利用青苔飼育各齡幼蟲,試驗結果發現幼蟲皆無法完成發育。不同幼蟲密度飼養試驗,以20隻時幼蟲發育期較短,40隻時則四齡發育天數較短。針對台灣鋏蠓雌成蟲之試驗,在生長箱中經一般正常光週期 (L : D = 12 : 12) 及與其相反之光週期 (D : L = 12 : 12) 下,經4天適應後,再供飼血餐,發現雌蟲在不同時段之產卵量及產卵高峰,兩種光週期間無顯著差異。台灣鋏蠓不同齡期幼蟲淹水忍耐度之試驗,發現幼蟲浸水致死之時間隨著齡期的不同而有顯著性差異,自1至4齡浸水之半致死時間 (LT50) 介於4.3-16天。蛹淹水忍耐度之試驗,結果顯示羽化率隨著浸水時間的不同而有顯著性差異,其浸水之LT50為30.6小時。以相對溼度50.5、75.5、85及100%對成蟲羽化影響之試驗,結果得到羽化率隨著相對溼度的提高而上升。
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