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標題: 中興大學台中校區節蜱類之分類研究
A Taxonomic Study on Eriophyoid Mites (Acarina: Eriophyoidea) chung Campus, National Chung-Hsing University
作者: Wang, Chin-Fah
關鍵字: Eriophyoid;節蜱類;family;subfamily;科;亞科
出版社: 昆蟲學系
Twenty-two species of eriophyoid mites belonging to 15 genera,
5 subfamilies in two families, were described by means of
figures and SEM photomicrographs. Among them, 14 species are
new to science and 3 species and newly to Taiwan. The former
are: Aceria bischofioe sp. nov.,Aceria securinegalla sp. nov.,
Aculops parapittospori sp. nov., Aculops solani sp. nov.,
Calacarus macrophylla sp. nov., Diptilomiopus bischofiae sp.
nov., Epitrimerus formosana sp. nov., Epitrimerus jasminoides
sp. nov., Epitrimerus obstusae sp. nov., Epitrimerus
taichungensis sp. nov.,Lambella pistaciae sp. nov., Porulops
formosensis sp. nov., Phyllocoptes trilobatus sp. nov. and
Tegonotus tanarius sp. nov.. The letter are: Aculopsssi(Keifer),
Cosella fleschneri (Keifer) and Paracalacarus podocarpi (Kifer)

本文敘述採自中興大學校園內的節蜱類共22種,分屬於15屬、 5亞科、
2科,其中有14新種及 3新記錄種。新種為 :Aceria bischofiae sp.
nov.、Aceria securinegdlla sp. nov.、aAculops parapittospori
sp. nov.、Aculops salons sp. nov.、Calacarus macrophylla sp.
nov.、 Diptilomiopus bischofiae sp. nov.、Epitrimerus formosana
sp. nov.、Epitrimerus jasminoides sp. nov.、Epitrimerus
taichungensis sp. nov.、Lambella ae sp. nov.、Porulops
formosensis sp. nov.、Phyllocopts trilobatus sp. nov.、
Eitrimerus obstusae sp. nov.、Epitrimerus taichungensis sp. nov.
、Lambella pistaciae sp. nov.、Porulops formosensis sp. nov.、
Phyllocoptes trilobatus sp. nov.及Tegonotus tanarius sp. nov.。
新記錄種為: Aculops pelekassi (Keifer), Cosella fleschneri
(Keifer)及Paracalacarus podocarpi。本文所描述種類皆編入檢索表。
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