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標題: Biosystematics of Gryllinae (Orthoptera : Gryllidae) from Taiwan
台灣蟋蟀亞科 (直翅目 : 蟋蟀科) 生物系統分類
作者: 楊正澤
Yang, Jeng-Tze
關鍵字: Taiwan;台灣;Gryllinae;Orthoptera;Gryllidae;Biosystematics;蟋蟀亞科;直翅目;蟋蟀科;生物系統分類
出版社: 昆蟲學系
The biosystematics of gryllinae from Taiwan was studied in.
Totally 11 genera and 30 species including 13 newcombinations
and 5 new record were found duringusive 11 species without any
specimens or inful species). The multiple character sets,
morphological, genitalic, acoustic, habitat andacteristics were
used for the biosystematic studyll sets of characters and
various combinationsumerical analysis by the program NTSYS-PV
ofmy and by the program Hennig-86 of cladisticBased on the
phenograms, some congenericitius, Aritella and Modicogryllus
are cohesivematrix of genitalic character and the pure typet
recoded by ranking and combined withgenitalic, acoustic and
habitat character setsladistic analysis. Based the cladograms,
the genusthe most primitive group among the 11 genera. Aoup
consists of Mitius, Aritella, Velarifictorus,, is also a
cohesive group supported by twoharacters, the spermatophore sac
in flatand the aedeagus in lanceolate. The genuss the most
primitive group among the genera of

以及行為特徵,分別量化各門徑特徵。蟋蟀亞科由原有之 8屬 17 種,增
為 11 屬 30 種 ( 不含 11 種未採 標本者及疑問種)。其中13種為新種
之 表型圖 以 討多特徵組單獨及各類併合特徵組之轉碼問題,本文利用4
,Aritella,Modicogryllus 3 屬為穩定之自然群。分歧分析之結果,各
屬之中 BrachytrupesAMitius,Aritella,Velarifictorus,及
Loxoblemmus 4屬,以其精胞囊稍扁及陽莖披針形兩個子孫共有特徵而成
一單源群,Modicogryllus 是族中最原始之一屬。
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