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標題: 臺灣草蟋蟀亞科(直翅目:蟋蟀科)
Trigonidiinae of Taiwan (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)
作者: Chiu, Pi-Yun
關鍵字: 臺灣;Taiwan;直翅目;蟋蟀科;草蟋蟀亞科;分類;聲音特徵;Orthoptera;Gryllidae;Trigonidiinae;taxanomy;song characteristic
出版社: 昆蟲學系
There were 5 genera and 9 species of Trigonidiinae
had been recorded from Taiwan. This work reports 6 genera,18
species from same region. Among them 1 genus and 8 species are
described as new to science and 1 species is a new record from
Taiwan; however no specimen of 4 known species has been
collected by the author. Paratrigonidium mirum and Homoeoxipha
beata are classified by the song characteristics, although
their morphologies indistinguishable. Keys to the genera and
species are given.

台灣草蟋蟀亞科( Trigonidiinae )舊記錄有 5 屬 9 種,本文記載經
了 1 新屬、 8 新種及 1新記錄種,共計有 6 屬 18 種。其中有 4 舊記
錄種未採得標本:Metioche haanii , Metioche vittaticollis,
Paratrigonidium bifasciatum , Paratrigonidium striatum 。 明顯
Paratrigonidium mirum 及 Homoeoxipha beata 。文中並附屬及種檢
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