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標題: 稻蝨科若蟲(同翅目:飛蝨總科)
Nymphs of Delphacidae (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea)
作者: 莊文忠
Chuang, Wen-Chung
關鍵字: Delphacidae;稻蝨;Nymph;Homoptera;Fulgoroidea;稻蝨科;若蟲;同翅目;飛蝨;飛蝨總科
出版社: 昆蟲學系
本論文處理稻蝨 Delphacinae 亞科若蟲 26 種, 分屬 2 族 19 屬;其
中 Tropidocephalini 族有 3 屬 6 種, Delphacini 亞科有 16 屬 20
種。其中有一新記錄種。 參閱實驗室以前發表經楊仲圖重新審訂 36 種
之資料及文獻中12種資料,對若蟲特徵作初步分析。並附有 73種之檢索

Twenty-six species of fifth instar nymphs ofDelphacidae
are bed and illustrated. They consisst of 6 speciesin3 genera
oftribeocephalini and 20 species (including 1 newrecord)in
16genera ofDelphacini in this report. In addition with36
revisedspecies byYang and 12 species from literature record,
total 74species ofinstar nymphs of Delphacidae are
analyzed. Akey, basedin theinstar nymph, of 73 known species
of Delphacidaein theworld areed.
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