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標題: 布袋蓮象鼻蟲(Neochetina eichhorniae Warner)生活史及寄主專一性
Life History, and Host Specificity of Neochetina eichhorniae rner
作者: 陳弘煜
Chen, Hon-Yi
關鍵字: Waterhyacinth;布袋蓮;Neochetina eichhorniae Warner Life history;Host specificity;布袋蓮象鼻蟲;生活史;寄主專一性
出版社: 昆蟲學系
布袋蓮象鼻蟲之發育期有卵、 1齡、2齡、3齡幼蟲及蛹期,卵發育至成蟲
腹面及葉柄細頸部。雌成蟲之平均每日 卵量隨溫度之升高而增加。其於
入幼蟲發育、生長、且均在3 天內死h重選擇測定顯示象鼻蟲只對布袋蓮

The developmental stages of Neochetina eichhorniaeclude egg,
larval 1, larval 2, larval 3 and pupal stages.otal of 72.5 days
is required for agg molting intoult. The width of head capsul
of larva is increasedts developmental instar. The adult prefers
feedingr leaf surface and upper leaf-petiole by its largerof
feeding scars found on these two portions. Dailyuctivity,
estimated by number of egg laid per femaleenhanced with the
increase of rearing temperature。hototaxis for the adult
weevils and a highers the scotophase were found andthe female
feedsdoes from their feeding scars, and both sexeson upper-
portion of leaf-petioles. Starvationnt species shows that N.
eichhorniae is verypecies. The multi-choice test on the
responsese plant leaf materials to their juices showedils only
responded to the waterhyacinth leaves.N. eichhorniae was a high
host specific andcies to waterhyacinth.
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