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標題: Expression of BdmGC-1 in three imaginal discs of the oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)
作者: Chung, Po-Hsu
關鍵字: Bactrocera dorsalis;鳥苷酸環化酶成蟲盤;BdmGC-1;imaginal disc
出版社: 昆蟲學系所
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Guanylyl cyclases (GCs), kind of enzyme-linked receptor proteins, play important physiological functions, including metamorphosis, olfactory organ and memory, in insects. The BdmGC-1, a receptor form membrane guanylyl cyclase of Bactrocera dosalis (Hendel), has been proved its relationship with eclosion hormone. In this study, we furtherfound that the BdmGC-1 was expressed in the B. dorsalis imaginal discs of wings, legs and compound eyes. Real-time PCR analysis revealed that new (1-day-old) puparium exhibited higher expression level during metamorphosis. Moreover, immunofloruscent staining showed that the BdmGC-1 signals were located in whole imaginal discs. Furthermore, recent studies have showed that p-21 activated protein (PAK) can regulate the mammalian GC activity. Hence, we used a 280-bp BdPAK, cloned from B. dorsalis based on PAK conserved regions, to analyze its expression and location. The results of both real-time PCR analysis and immunofloruscent staining showed that BdPAK has similar expression profiles with BdmGC-1, implying that there some kind of relationships are existed between these two proteins. In summary, BdmGC-1 is indeed expressed in the B. dorsalis wing, compound eye and leg discs and the newly pupated purarium have the higher expression level of BdmGC-1. However, functional interaction of BdmGC-1 with BdPAK has not yet been understood.

鳥苷酸環化酶(guanylyl cyclase, GC)為昆蟲體內一重要受器蛋白(receptor protein),許多生理功能都與其相關,例如變態、嗅覺和記憶等。東方果實蠅(Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel))鳥苷酸環化酶,BdmGC-1,已被證實為羽化激素(eclosion hormone)之受器蛋白,並發現其可能與昆蟲蛻皮行為有關。本研究更進一步發現BdmGC-1亦存在東方果實蠅幼蟲體內的翅成蟲盤(wing disc)、眼成蟲盤(eye disc)和足成蟲盤(leg disc)上。以real-time PCR 分析發現,蛹期第一天之翅、眼和足成蟲盤均有較高的BdmGC-1 表現量;以免疫螢光染色(immunofluorescent stain)分析BdmGC-1 在翅、眼和足成蟲盤表現位置,結果顯示其分布位於整個成蟲盤上。另外,從前人研究已知p-21 activated protein(PAK)在哺乳動物上可調節GC 活性。因此,以PAK 保守區域選殖得到一長度280 bp 的東方果實蠅部分PAK 序列,且命名為BdPAK。偵測其基因表現量和BdPAK螢光染色之結果顯示,BdPAK 之表現與位置與BdmGC-1 皆類似,表示BdPAK 與BdmGC-1可能有某種關聯。綜合上述結果可知,BdmGC-1 表現在翅、眼和足成蟲盤上並於蛹期第一天有較高表現,且可能與BdPAK 有某種關聯。
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