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標題: 埃及斑蚊對百滅寧及芬化利遺傳抗藥性之研究
Inheritance of resistance to permethrin and fenvalerate in Aedes aegypti
作者: Chung, Bing-jun
出版社: 昆蟲學系所
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The purpose of this study is to investigate the distribution of Aedes aegypti in Tainan during 2007 and in Kaohsiung during 2008, and monitor the insecticide resistance of Ae. Aegypt. Furthermore, the inheritances of permethrin and fenvalerate resistance in Ae. Aegypt were investigated by crossing of NS susceptible strain with Per-R47 resistance strain. In the result, Ae. aegypti collected from Tainan and Kaohsiung showed more than 10-fold resistance to pyrethroid insecticide comparing with laboratory susceptible strain (NS strain), but no noticeable resistance to carbamate ( propoxur ) and organophosphorus ( temephos and pirimiphos-methyl ) ( resistance ratio less than four times ). The reciprocal cross of NS susceptible strain and Per-R47 resistance strain shows that the permethrin and fenvalerate resistances of Ae. aegypti are inherited as multiple, autosomal and incomplete recessive factors. Permethrin resistance is mainly caused by kdr mutation, while fenvalerate resistance is not only conferred by both kdr mutation, and detoxification.

Keyword: Aedes aegypti, pyrethroids, resistance, inheritance

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