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dc.contributor.authorChen, Ke-Tingen_US
dc.identifier.citation林仲剛。1985。臺灣產兜衣屬地衣之研究。國立中興大學植物學研究所碩士論文。台中。 林涵西。1979。臺灣產石蕊地衣類之研究。國立臺灣大學森林學研究所碩士論文。台北。 沈原民。2008。台灣地區松蘿屬地衣之分類。國立臺灣大學植物病理與微生物學研究所碩士論文。台北。 笹岡久彥。1919。臺灣產地衣類。臺灣博物學會會報39: 179-181。 朝比奈泰彥。1932。蕾軒獨語(其四十六)。植物研究雜誌8(5): 204-210。 劉棠瑞。1960。臺灣木本植物圖誌。國立臺灣大學。台北。 賴明洲。2000。臺灣地衣類彩色圖鑑(一)。行政院農業委員會。台北。 Ahmadjian, V. 1967. A guide to the algae occurring as lichen symbionts: isolation, culture, cultural physiology and identification. Phycologia 6:127-160. Aptroot, A., Sparrius, B.L. and Lai, M.J. 2002. New Taiwan macrolichens. Mycotaxon 84:281-292 Aragón, G., Otálora, M.A.G. and Martínez, I. 2005. New data on the genus Leptogium (lichenized Ascomycetes) in the Iberian Peninsula. Nova Hedwigia 80: 199-226. Asahina, Y. 1935. Leptogium (Sect. Mallotium)-Arten aus Japan. Journal of Japanese Botany 11(8):544-556. Asahina, Y. 1936a. Leptogium tremelloides und verwamdte Arten aus Japan. Journal of Japanese Botany 12(4):247-250. Asahina, Y. 1936b. Zwei neue Arten von Leptogium aus Formosa. 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Pages 3-33 in: Protocols in Lichenology: culturing, biochemistry, ecophysiology, and use in biomonitoring. Springer, Berlin; New York. Zahlbrückner, A. 1926. Flechten (Lichen) B. Spezieller Teil. In Engler & Prantl. Die naturlichen Planzenfamilien, 2nd edn., Band B, Lepzig.zh_TW
dc.description.abstract地衣為藻類與真菌之共生體,而膠衣科地衣之共生藻類皆為藍綠菌,非一般之綠藻,以至於其外觀形態皆呈膠狀。本研究為探討台灣膠衣科地衣之多樣性,從2007年11月至2009年4月間,總共收集到21種膠衣科地衣,包含7種Collema,為C. leptaleum、C. pulchellum var. subnigrescens、C. rugosum、C. tenax var. ogatae,及3種尚未確定種名,其中C. rugosum為台灣的新紀錄種,13種Leptogium,為L. arisanense、L. azureum、L. burgessii、L. burnetii、L. cochleatum、L. cyanescens、L. denticulatum、L. laceroides、L. pichneum、L. rugosum、L. sessile、L. tenuissimum、L. trichophorum,其中L. burgessii、L. rugosum、L. tenuissimum為臺灣的新紀錄種,以及1種尚未確定種名的Physma。而台灣曾記載之膠衣科地衣中尚有21種未在本研究中發現。對於所採集到之種類,皆對其可作為辨認之特徵進行觀察、描述與照相,包括地衣體、裂芽、子囊盤、子囊、子囊孢子等特徵,以期能提供鑑定此類地衣之完整資訊。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractLichen is a symbiotic association of a fungus with a green alga or cyanobacterium. The classification of lichen is solely based on the fungal component. The lichenized family Collemataceae is characterized by having a soft gelatinous (when wet) thallus with a nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium as the photobiont component belonging to the genus Nostoc. The aim of this study is to survey the diversity of lichenized family Collemataceae in Taiwan. During the course of study from November 2007 to April 2009, twenty one species of Collemataceae were found. There are 7 species of Collema, including C. leptaleum, C. pulchellum var. subnigrescens, C. rugosum, C. tenax var. ogatae, and three unidentified Collema species, and 13 species of Leptogium, including L. arisanense, L. azureum, L. burgessii, L. burnetii, L. cochleatum, L. cyanescens, L. denticulatum, L. laceroides, L. pichneum, L. rugosum, L. sessile, L. tenuissimum, and L. trichophorum, and one unidentified Physma species. Among these species, C. rugosum, L. burgessii, L. rugosum and L. tenuissimum are first reported in Taiwan. There are still 21 species of Collemataceae previously reported not being obtained in this study. For the species obtained in this study, all the discernible characters, such as thallus, isidia, apothecia, asci and ascospores were observed, described and photographed. It is expected that a full guideline of Collemataceae identification can be established.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents摘要 1 Abstract 2 一、前言 3 (一)何謂地衣 3 (二)膠衣科地衣(Collemataceae) 3 (三)世界的膠衣科研究 4 (四)臺灣地衣的研究情形 6 (五)臺灣膠衣科地衣的研究情形 7 (六)現今臺灣膠衣科地衣名錄 8 (七)Collema及Leptogium的特徵與種類鑑別依據(描述術語之說明) 9 二、材料與方法 13 (一)標本採集及資料管理 13 (二)形態分類 14 (三)地衣的分離與培養 14 (四)ITS 序列分析 16 三、結果 18 四、討論 73 五、參考文獻 76zh_TW
dc.titleThe Lichenized Family Collemataceae in Taiwanen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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