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標題: 香蕉潛居性病毒的分離與純化
Isolation and Purification of Banana Cryptic Virus
作者: 陳穎茂
Chen, Y.M.
出版社: 植物病理學研究所
由香蕉萎縮病罹病株上可分離得到類似病毒之長桿狀粒子(virus like particle),此
一粒子長約166-666 nm,寬33 nm。此長桿狀粒子可藉蕉蚜或桃蚜引起小蕉苗形成變
毒(cryptic virus)相似。

Long rod shaped particles measuring 166-666 nm in length and 33 nm in width, were isolated from leaves of banana plants showing bunchy top symptoms. These virus-like particles could be transmitted by Pentalonia nigronervosa Coq. Or Mayzus persicae and induce asymmertrically malformed leaves on banana plants.
With purified rod particle obtained by gel filtration and Cesium Sulfate density gradient centrifugation were mechanically inoculated to a wide variety of indicator plants and banana seedlings, induced distortion symptoms on inoculated leaves of Capsicum annuum and Capicum frutescens only. The rod particle did not induce bunchy top symptoms on banana plants by aphid transmission or mechanical inoculation methods.
Antiserum prepared against purified rod particles was obtained. The antiserum could react positively with purified rod particle but not with crude sap from malformed leaves or bunchy top banana leaves in double diffusion tests.
Since this long rod particles could not induce bunchy top symptoms on hanana plants, it was not the major cause agent of bunchy top disease of banana plants. It might be a cryptic virus associated with banana plants.
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