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標題: The Phonetics of Paiwan Word-Level Prosody
作者: Chen, C.M.
關鍵字: phonetics;Paiwan;word-level prosody;stress
Project: Language and Linguistics
期刊/報告no:: Language and Linguistics, Volume 10, Issue 3, Page(s) 593-625.
In this paper the phonetic correlates of word-level prosody of an indigenous language were examined as a case of supporting the argument that phonetic representation plays a role in the documentation of phonology. Piuma Paiwan has a quality-sensitive stress in which peripheral vowels such as /i/, /u/, and /a/ are more optimal than the central schwa, and the primary stress falls on the most sonorant or the most optimal vowel. However, a schwa nucleus can bear stress in the other Paiwan dialects. On the other hand, imperative accent may result in the pitch peak aligned with the final syllable. Stressed syllables always have higher pitch than unstressed syllables, and pitch tends to be a robust cue to word-level stress and accent in Paiwan. The results suggest that word-level prosody in Paiwan is best modeled in terms of f0 realization.
ISSN: 1606-822X
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