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標題: 花青綠色顏料與碳黑之分散液及電著材料製備研究
作者: 黃山峰
Huang, Sen Fong
關鍵字: 彩色濾光片;Color filter;花青綠;顏料;碳黑;分散;電著;田口方法;Phthalocyanine green;Pigment;Carbon black;Dispersion;Electrodeposition;Taguchi method
出版社: 化學工程學系
For the market of liquid crystal displays(LCD) being extented with the growth of portable PC and consumption electronics in future, in this study the pigment dispersion and electrodeposition paint is examined to meet color filter process, which can be used in the mass production, low pollution, and cost down. Two topics have been analyzed in this thesis as follows: (1)the design and manufacture for dispersion solution of phthalocyanine green pigment (PG-36) and carbon black; (2)the design and manufacture for electrodeposition paint with green pigment and carbon black. By Taguchi method, the compatibility of raw materials and new type of surfactant was examined for the optimum formulations as obtained as follows :
(1)Green dispersion solution :
including phthalocyanine green pigment 10 grams, acrylic resin 10 grams, dispersant B 1.0 gram weight, and cyclohexanone 80 ml;
(2)Carbon black dispersion solution :
including Colombia carbon black(R-1000) 8 grams, acrylic resin 12 grams, dispersant A 1.6 gram weight, and cyclohexanone 70 ml;
(3)Green electrodeposition paint :
including the optimum green dispersion solution 24 grams, acrylic resin 7 grams, neutralization agent(Triethyl amine) 1.0 gram weight, D.I. water 168 grams; and
(4)Carbon black electrodeposition paint :
including carbon black dispersion solution (based on predicting condition) 24 grams, acrylic resin 8 grams, neutralization agent(Triethyl amine) 0.5 gram, and D.I. water 150 grams.
Additionally, using viscosity meter, light scattering particle size measurement, microscopy and spin coating method evaluate the degree of dispersion and electrodeposition paint. As the results, some conclusions are summarized in the following : (a)dispersant B is suitable to phthalocyanine green pigment for the stability of dispersion in which the particle size is 139 nm; (b)dispersant solsperse 27000 is better for cabon black to reduce the particle size as 128 nm; (c) cyclohexanone is better than PGMEA for the stability of dispersion; (d)Colombia R-1000 is better for dispersion than Showa carbon black; and(e)acrylic resin can enhance the dispersion of phthalocyanine green pigment in electrodeposition solution, but it has not for carbon black.

摘 要
組成為第四章所獲得之碳黑分散液(預估條件) 24克,壓克力型樹脂8克,中和劑三乙基胺量0.5克重,及去離子水添加量150克。
另外,評估分散液與電著液之分散效果為利用流變儀、光散射粒徑分析、顯微鏡觀察和旋轉塗佈法。由實驗結果得知:(a)高分子型分散劑B.對於花青綠色顏料的分散穩定性及分散程度佳,平均粒徑為139 nm;(b)分散劑Solsperse 27000對碳黑分散較優,平均粒徑可達128 nm;(c) 環己酮溶劑 (Cyclohexanone)對花青綠顏料之分散穩定性優於PGMEA;(d)碳黑種類以哥倫比亞R-1000之分散為佳;及(e)多功能壓克力樹脂對花青綠顏料在電著液配方中具有助分散之效果,而對碳黑卻無分散之成效。
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