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標題: Dispersion of Red Pigment in Pigment Disperse Color Resist
作者: 潘惟永
Pan, Wei-Yung
關鍵字: pigment;顏料;binder;dispersant;aggregate;agglomerate;flocculate;樹脂;分散劑;凝結體;凝結塊;絮聚
出版社: 化學工程學系
Several new dispersants( 11 of them )were used to disperse the red pigment (C. I. Pigment Red 177) in the system containing organic solvent and binders (PGMEA and Methacrylate resin). The organic solvents used were cyclohexanone and PGMEA (propylene glycol methyl ether acetate). The effectiveness of these dispersants were related to their chemical structures. The laser scattering method was used to measure the size of aggregation in organic solvents. The size of aggregation in dispersants was correlated to the temperature used. The technique of optical microscope and sedimentaion time were also used to appraise the dispersing ability of these dispersants in binder system.
The results showed that the red pigment was stable and well dispersed in cyclohexanone without a binder. But in binder system (PGMEA plus Methacrylate resin), the high acid value of methacrylate resin induced the serious coagulation of pigments. This problem can be solved by adding poly(oxyalkylene)amines as the dispersants and also the alkaline source. These poly(oxyalkylene)amines contains PO (-CH2CH(CH3)O-) and EO (-CH2CH2O-) functionalities. The higher PO/EO ratios in the structures of these compounds provided better dispersing abilities. Comparisons among the PO-backboned poly(oxypropylene)amines, lower molecular weight of the amine dispersants had a better results for the red pigment studied.

摘 要
本研究主要探討對於11種不同化學構造之顏料分散劑對於??系( Anthraquinone )紅色顏料( C. I. Pigment Red 177 )在有機溶劑( Cyclohexanone )及含有壓克力樹脂的有機溶劑( PGMEA )中的分散效果。以光散射粒徑分析儀量測顏料在溶劑中的顆粒大小,並由光學顯微鏡及沉降觀測法來評估各種不同結構的分散劑在壓克力樹脂下對紅色顏料之分散效果。
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