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標題: Production of Fungichromin by Streptomyces padanus PMS-702 in Air-lift bioreactor
應用氣舉式發酵槽於Streptomyces padanus PMS-702生產Fungichromin之研究
作者: 陳佑瑞
Chen, Yu-Jui
關鍵字: Streptomyces padanus;鏈黴菌;fungichromin;biological control;polyene macrolides;air-lift bioreactor;多烯類;大環內酯;治黴色基素;生物防治;氣舉式發酵槽
出版社: 化學工程學系所
Streptomyces padanus PMS-702 not only has the potential for preventing and curing the organism attack (for example, it can control the diseases of Rhizoctonia damping-off of cabbage and tomoto late blight), but also can be applied to clinical medical treatment of tumor. This research is focused on applying the air-lift bioreactor to cultivate Streptomyces padanus PMS-702 to produce an anti-fungus antibiotic, fungichromin.
Several factors including glucose concentration, oil types and concentrations would affect microbial growth and fungichromin production in the submerged culture. Different oils combination and addition was also shown to be a critical factor influencing the production. Further study exhibited that the addition of 2% Span80 at day 0 along with 1% corn oil at day 2could give a high fungichromin production of 1700mg/L. Generally, the addition of corn oil was more in favor to microbial growth and olive oil supplementation was more beneficial to fungichromin production.
A 5L air-lift bioreactor was applied to cultivate Streptomyces padanus PMS-702 under the following conditions: 23.8 ℃, 2.5 vvm, without pH control, 2% Span80 at day 0 along with 1% corn oil at day 2 under this condition, the production of fungichromin would 2190 mg/L, would reach a 9.34-fold increase compared to that with basal medium.
Keywords : Streptomyces padanus, fungichromin, biological control, polyene macrolides, air-lift bioreactor

本研究使用具有抗真菌活性的鏈黴菌Streptomyces padanus PMS-702來進行多烯類大環內酯抗生素Fungichromin(治黴色基素)之醱酵生產研究。此抗生素不但存在生物防治潛力(例:對立枯絲核菌及番茄晚疫病有良好抑制效果),還可應用於如腫瘤之臨床醫療上。
在油脂添加方面,玉米油的添加有助於菌體乾重的提升,而橄欖油的添加對於Fungichromin產量有提升效果。在培養基中添加2 %界面劑Span80並於第二天再添加1%玉米油,結果顯示,醱酵至第4天時,Fungichromin產量可達約1700 mg/L,約為未添加時(Fungichromin產量16.7 mg/L)的8.5倍。將此操作於氣舉式醱酵槽中進行。在溫度23.8 ℃、通氣量2.5 vvm、不控制pH值的條件下,於培養第7天Fungichromin產量可達到2196 mg/L的產量,約為不添加時的9.34倍。
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