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標題: 旋轉塗佈製程最適化研究
作者: 黃啟恩
關鍵字: Spin coating;旋轉塗佈;Taguchi Method;Organic film;Edge bead;Optimum condition;田口方法;薄膜;板邊突起;最適化條件
出版社: 化學工程學系
In the present the spin coating has been broadly used for the VLSI fabrication. Although this process can be applied to produce an organic film for the micro-lithography, a useful area on the substrate is significantly reduced by the problem of edge bead. To realize this situation, we propose an analytical method for studying the uniformity of spin coating according to the commercial machine. We begin with solving the continuity and Navier-stoke's equations in the cylinder coordinate by Fluent code to obtain the pressure profile and velocity field directly. The deviation of pressure is then calculated to quantify the uniformity of spin coating in the radial direction. Finally, the dynamic Taguchi Method is utilized to search the optimum condition of spin coating and a correlation of the substrate size and the uniformity of thin film. As shown in the results, we have a smooth flow pattern through the space of top-buffer to the substrate, in which top-buffer is spun with 1000rpm opposite to the substrate spinning by 1500rpm; the flow rate of air out from the bottom part of spin part of spin coater is 500 fpm; the difference of size between the substrate and top-buffer is 1cm; and the space from the edge of substrate to the side wall of spin coater is 3cm. Additionally, as known from the variation of pressure profile with respect to the substrate size, the uniformity of spin coating can be obviously improved by using the optimum conditions when the substrate size is enlarged. These information can be provide to process engineer for trouble-shooting and scale up on the spin casting.

旋轉塗佈技術現正廣泛的運用於半導體製程中的薄膜製造,雖然其所製作的薄膜均勻度佳,卻會在基材板邊產生突起物,造成基材可用區域減小。為改善此現象,本文根據商用大型旋轉塗佈機台提出一套新解析方法探討薄膜均勻性與晶圓尺寸大小之關係。首先利用Fluent code直接求解圓柱座標系統之連續方程式及Navier stoke 動量傳送方程式,以獲得壓力分佈及流力場;其次,計算徑向相對壓力偏差值,即薄膜均勻性;最後,使用田口品質工程之零點比例式動態分析方法,尋找能夠使旋轉塗佈製程之薄膜均勻性與晶圓尺寸大小達到匹配之最適化條件。根據本文所得到最適化旋轉塗佈製程﹕當檔板旋轉方向與轉盤相反且分別為1000rpm與1500rpm,抽氣速率為500fpm,轉盤與檔板的距離為1cm,及轉盤邊緣與室壁間距為3cm的條件時,流體於檔板與轉盤之間形成一順暢流場通過轉盤表面,且使得轉盤表面的壓力分佈更為均勻,而當旋轉塗佈機台轉盤尺寸變大時壓力分佈的動態特性顯示與現行條件相比有顯著的改善,亦即壓力分佈更為均勻,揭示出依據本文所探討之解析方法對於提昇薄膜均勻度與避免板邊突起物具有良好效果,且最適化的動態特性可以提供予製程工程師用以製造均勻薄膜。
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